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Hi Everyone :)

As usual I have just spent my last spare income this month and something critical has broken.

My mouse has just decided to start sending scroll instructions to the PC even though I haven't touched it, causing anything I am doing to suddenly start moving down the screen, including graphics I'm working on.

So it's clearly time to replace it before it breaks altogether.

Does anyone have any recommendations for the best economic buy right now - particularly for use in CC3 and its add-ons? I don't want one of those fancy ones with a million buttons all over it. I find them very difficult to control because I accidentally press the buttons without meaning to. I just want a good mouse that will last me another 12 years like this one did.



  • I just use a generic ONN brand USB mouse.

    squeak squeak.

  • MedioMedio Surveyor

    You don't need a fancy one, just one to be precise. Go for any optical one with fair iPS and you will be fine.

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    I'm running the Logitech B100 mouse on several of my systems. It's a cheap and generic optical mouse with a long tail. It's an ambidextrous mouse, so the ergonomics are a little questionable; but it's cheap, reliable, and very lightweight.

    The Logitech G600 is undoubtedly overkill for virtually any situation.

  • Thank you, all. Very useful to know.

    I will mull this over this evening and make an order - as long as I can get the page to stay still for long enough.

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    In theory, you can unplug the mouse once you're on the page and use the tab key to switch between fields (space to activate buttons). Assuming a sane commerce site, of course.

  • The fault appears to be more frequent if I'm not actually using the mouse. For instance when I'm using my tablet to draw things with. So for now I just unplug the mouse when I'm drawing, and plug it back in when I'm not.

    If the good old days it was possible to do everything using the tab key. It doesn't seem to work that way anymore. Forms are the worst. But don't worry. I will order the new one tonight, and if the worst comes to the worst I can use the tablet. It's better than tab, though not much ;)

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    I feel your pain Sue. I had to get a 'normal' mouse to replace the magic mouse that came with the new Mac because it was too damn sensitive and scrolling was a right, royal P.I.T.A. Luckily, we had a couple of spare ones at the office, generic HP ones that come with their PCs.

  • Check out the Logitech M510 Wireless Laser Mouse ($19.99 USD) or if you want something ergonical then try for the Logitech MX Vetrical Wireless Optical Mouse ($89.99 USD). I know the ergonomic one is a lot more but for protecting your wrist it's well worth it. I had a trackball mouse and loved it. Lasted for a good 5+ years until it stopped working well. I have a gaming mouse I use that I highly recommend but it has all those buttons you don't like. :-)

  • I actually prefer the mice that plug into your computer - all the optical ones eventually have battery charge problems. And I don't like any more buttons than right, left and middle scroll. And they are super cheap, and none have ever played up.

  • I've procrastinated the final decision. I took the mouse apart and cleaned out all the fluff (well, it is 12 years old and been through hell with me). It's more or less ok now so I've got more time than I thought I had.

    @Quenten This mouse is an ordinary mouse with a USB cable to the PC. I prefer them to wireless because they're greener.

    I think the scroll wheel connections are worn out, which is why its sending ghost messages to the PC. I know its the mouse because it stops happening when I unplug it.

    This is different and separate to the issue I had when the cursor wouldn't obey the mouse at all and became wildly erratic. That time I discovered I had left my pen lying on my tablet so the the two devices were competing for control of the cursor :P

  • MedioMedio Surveyor

    Ordinary, optical mouse is what you need Sue. 12 years have been a good service career, you can dismiss it with honors :)

    Btw that mouse and pen issue is quite familiar to me :D

  • I thought my PC was broken! LOL!

  • My condolences Sue! Always sucks when our tools break down...

    Just to be the weird opinion in the group, if you're looking for precision, I like an optical trackball. I use a Kensington Expert, which is probably overkill for a lot of things (and takes getting used to for gaming!), but I like how accurately it tracks, and you can control how much it moves just by changing the way you manipulate it.

    Regardless, I hope you find the right solution for your needs!

  • Thank you, Daisho :)

    All I use it for is CC3 and the usual browser stuff, so as long as it works its good enough. I just need one that doesn't suddenly decide I've had enough time to read that part and I need to scroll off to read another part, when I'm actually in the middle of drawing a design on a wax seal :P

  • jslaytonjslayton Surveyor Moderator, ProFantasy

    Are you doing the wax seals as roof-shaded varicolor symbols?

  • Nope. Just ordinary symbols. I'm not sure if there will be time to do varicolour. That's normally Ralf's decision once I hand the set over.

    I bought a mouse! It's the cheapest mouse on the planet. I figured that I couldn't tell by looking at all the fancy colours shapes and flashing lights, nor by whether it was shaped like a Land Rover or a skull - couldn't tell which might be better or more reliable than any of the other 3 button mice. So I just got an ordinary office mouse. If it breaks, it breaks, but it's not so expensive I can't afford to buy another different make of ordinary office mouse :)

  • jslaytonjslayton Surveyor Moderator, ProFantasy

    Aww... Here I was doing my usual semi-helpful suggestion about lighting!

    Cheap mice (especially cheap optical mice) tend to be surprisingly durable. If you pull one apart, you are likely to see that there's a single chip, maybe a little box next to it for the sensors, and a couple of switches for the buttons. My favorite mice (the old white Microsoft Intellimouse Optical 1.1 ones) aren't made anymore because they tended not to track well on clear surfaces like glass desktop covers. But, they did sell them in five-packs for not much money so I still have some spares carefully hoarded in the closet.

    I do like shoulder buttons. I should try to hook them up in CC3+. Not sure what to attach them to, but something...

  • No shoulder buttons.

    I hate them. I always catch them when all I want to do is move the mouse. 3 buttons for me.

  • I've got to say that I love my fancy mouse. Got buttons to redraw, copy to sheet, erase, call up sheet effect, undo, redo, change properties ...

  • I must be getting old! I can't stand all these little buttons all over the place. I tried one once that had 7 - two on each side as well as the usual 3. If it had been a car I was driving there would have been a very nasty accident! LOL!

  • Well, I;ve got to tell you that it has done wonders for my efficiency. I can make silly mistakes 10 times faster than before!

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  • Fact remains Razer did have a few very strong products that lasted, and those mice are among them. Things do change over time. Razer quality is now down today, but before they got picked up at large by Esports crowd, it was geek heaven.

    The one constant in time seems to be logitech when it comes to mice, or peripherals in a broad sense. It usually has a baseline of quality that is just very good. They also seem to find innovations that truly work and last. Their wireless tech right now for example... if I would ever go wireless on mice for gaming, it'd be with that. I would also suggest here to look at a few good quality but cheap options for gaming mouse here

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    I bought some weeks ago a Razer Deathadder V2 and i´m totally satisfied, by several reasons. Despite it can be catalogued as a gaming mice, actually it´s very good for all kind of job. Strong points:

    First of all, it´s quite lightweight (86grs). This means less issues for long pc sessions, less damage for my wrist.

    Second, it has a very sensitive but precise as hell sensor. Actually, it´s the best sensor in the market, the Razer Focus+. 20.000 DPIs (not important), 1000hz polling rate, awesome precision, great acceleration (50g) and 650 ips.

    Third, although should be first. Ergonomics. It has the most comfortable mice shape i´ve tested, period. 10 million users agree with me, looks like. It works for middle or big hands so not sure if it will go well with small ones, and it´s also for right hand users, but if you fit in that description, then just check it.

    Very precise clicking. Forget about accidental double clicks. It has optical switches instead of mechanic ones, they´re much faster and also more precise to use. Oh! And they will last even more than the mechanical switches, 70 million clicks instead of 50 million. So, faster, more precise and more durable. Bingo!

    Teflon surfers. They will last forever and will slice over almost any surface. People don´t give enough importance to surfers but they are, and these are great.

    Cord. I forget many times it has one. Very very light.

    Very customizable DPI. You can just save 5 DPI numbers and switch among them with two buttons close to the mouse wheel, so you can get the speed you need on any kind of program, or for example for multiple screens where you need more DPIs , all is handle by a single button touch.

    Price. I bought it by 40 euros at Aliexpress. It´s quite more expensive on other sites, but there you can get it really cheap. For that price is a bargain.

    After some weeks, i´m totally used to it and the experience is simply great. It works great on gaming, programming, net surfing and any kind of program. If you need a new mouse, just check this one, don´t let you fool by the gaming tag it has, it´s a great workaround mice.

    RGB. Yes, it has, a little on the mouse wheel and the symbol. It doesnt disturb me not even in the darkness (actually it helps finding it if you´re working at darkness) but it can be turned off by the mice software. But it´s a very light RGB.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 23 images Mapmaker ProFantasy

    Well, for now I have a standard Amazon cheapie mouse. It's working as well as the last one did.

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