seven kingdoms

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another map that im currently working on.

i really should try to concentrate on one map at a time



  • I have dozens going on, but I too should stick with just one. It gets done faster.

  • Ditto - I have 10 on the go - I try to do a bit on 2 maps at a time. It does stop me getting 'mappers block' though.

  • Hey whit2468,

    Could you teach me how you are making these maps? LOL...seriously. I've checked your FCWs a time or two and I come up with the dreaded red Xs on a great deal of it. I am a graphic artist trained in photoshop and illustrator way back in the day, so are you using those progs?



  • hi, everything is done in CC3plus to produce the finished map.

    I dont use the Annual Fenlon style for these maps. I use my own version, which i started making before that was released. though i did borrow some elements, so they could be used with each other. like the background and colour palette. This is still being developed and tweaked with each new map i start.

    You are getting red Xs because you are missing bitmaps from certain locations. ive coppied the necessary images into my gallery.

    Copy PF_B_Mountain directly into the folder below.


    For the bitmaps you need to create a new directory in the location below called Pete Fenlon B. then copy all the bitmaps into this folder

    "C:\ProgramData\Profantasy\CC3Plus\Bitmaps\Tiles\Overland\Pete Fenlon B"

    Your red Xs should then disappear when you load the FCW file

  • Thanks indeed!

    I'll get this done asap, I assure ye


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  • CalibreCalibre Traveler
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    Hey whit

    I've installed the bitmaps as you said, but it appears many are missing. Can you advise?

    Also, the bitmap files are not named correctly in your gallery.



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