No matching draw tool for "Wall*"

I've been running into this a lot. Right now I'm trying to create a castle on an island using overland maps and then switching to other downloadables (i.e. SS1, DD3, etc...) and when I right click on walls, or even left click, it says there are no walls. More specifically it says, "No matching draw tool for "Wall*"" and I KNOW I have way more walls, floors, and other items but the buttons are giving me this error message with a different title in the "". Can someone please explain what's going on? Granted I'm new to cartography and CC3+ but I'm getting extremely frustrated that I can't create maps. Looking at people creating maps on youtube with the software shows they have the items but I keep getting these error messages. On rare occassions I get the walls, or floors, or whatever to appear yet I have no idea how it happens or why those few times and none of the many others. Help would GREATLY be appreciated. I can't seem to find the answer in my searching and reading.


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    When you switch between overland, city and dungeon you need to click the appropriate button on the top bar. There should be a row of them that correlate with the add ons you have. Map Menu Dungeon Menu

    The drawing tools available in the map are set by the template when you create the map, but you can change them for the drawing tools of a different style by clicking the Drawing Properties button Drawing Properties (which opens the Drawing presets dialog) and selecting the desired style from the dropdown box at the top of the dialog. Make sure that you note down which set of drawing tools were originally there in case you want to go back to them later.

  • Thank you! I was clicking the buttons at the top like you mentioned but I didn't click on the drawing properties. This will save a lot of headache. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    If you are having to change styles for your drawing tools then you may find that you don't have the right textures to go with them. You can resolve that issue using Insert file in the Draw menu, and inserting a blank dummy file of the required style, then immediately deleting it. That will import all the fills for that style.

    To get to different symbol catalogues it is quickest to use the browse button on the right above the symbol catalogue panel. If there is an FSC file in the parent folder for the symbols, it is better to open that than the folder containing the symbols. The catalogue file (.FSC) will provide random collections and varicolour symbols and place symbols on the correct sheet - none of which can happen without the FSC file.

  • Okay, I'm very new to this. Will you explain inserting a blank dummy file and deleting it? I find I jump around to any expansion that might have what I need so I could have 4 or 5 different expansion elements on one map. Do I also need to do this every time I start a new map? Thanks for this post as I was just now running into this issue and was looking for a solution.

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    Ok. Taking a random example...

    If I have created a map in DD3, and I want to use SS4 (Dungeons of Schley) in it, I would get the drawing tools as described above, and then I would open a second instance of CC3 by right clicking the desk icon and picking CC3, or New, or whatever your system provides for a new instance of an app, and then I would use that instance to create a new SS4 map. I would then save that temporary map with nothing drawn in it as "TEMP SS4" and Pick that as the file to Insert into the DD3 file I was actually working on. I would insert it, but then immediately delete or undo the action because I don't want the dummy SS4 map or any part of it. I just want to fool CC3 into importing all the relevant fills for SS4. It doesn't matter that the dummy map is instantly deleted. The fills are imported in that instant and they stay, even though the SS4 map is gone as fast as it arrived.

    Once that is done all the SS4 drawing tools will work as if this was an SS4 map.

  • Thank you, Loopysue. That trick of yours took a while for me to make temp maps for everything I have, but it worked like a charm!

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 15 images Mapmaker ProFantasy

    You're welcome :)

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