The 'No Ducks' version 2 dungeon

Edit: I forgot to mention these No Ducks dungeons are basically revamps of B1, from TSR.

Larger, 800' x 480'. Squares are 10' x 10'. A ways to go on this one. Rooms lower right are 3 guest rooms, and dining room just above them on the right. Upper right are the bedroom and wizard lab of the owner.

The cave with water and sinkhole may be more to it than at first glance. No effects yet.

900 pixel jpg



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    Is that size map playable on a VTT? I imagine that size is a bit limited by the file size. What resolution would you print it at?

  • Depends on the VTT. Roll20 for example has a standard grid of 70px per (5ft) square, as JimP's are 10ft, he would need to save the file as a jpeg at 11200x6720 (140px per square), he could also halve it and set Roll20's grid to 35px per square. It's been awhile since I used Maptools and I've not used Fantasy Grounds or Foundry so no idea what their recommended sizes are.

  • I use epic table which suggests 2000 pixel maps.

    However, these are just going up on my website as d&d basic/expert dungeons.

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  • Updated map, Nov 26, 2020. 900 pixel jpg

    Yes, there are 3 skeletons, three cows, and a pig in the dining room. Whom is protecting whom I leave up to you.

  • Foundry doesn't actually list a maximum size, and while their default grid size is 100px, it's configurable to larger than that, and as small as 50px. It's actually VERY good at using very large maps, full of light walls and such.

    Great map Jim! I have read that module many times, but never managed to play it as yet.

  • Thanks.

    B1 always bothered me due to the thin walls between some rooms. Not really defensible. An attacker, or the adventurers, could just break through.

  • Adamantine walls, maybe? 😉

    Less sure about the vicious cows with their pig leader, after their long-pig repast...

  • There are several revamps of B1 that keep the same rooms, but they are more spread out so the passageways and rooms don't touch each other and a breakthrough requires noisy digging of 10 feet or more.

    I always considered them to be stone walls.

    My home players said knocking through the thin walls would be too noisy. Apparently none of the game store players thought of it, at least they didn't say anything out loud.

  • I think you should be able to revamp it with whatever renovations make it work for you. The simple reason for the thin walls originally is that Gygax and co at the time drew all their maps on graph paper, so they were limited to 8.5" x 11" pages. Sometimes they'd tape two or more together, but often the maps in the early modules are a product of working on a single page, and trying to "fill" the space well.

    Also, remember Gary never thought any DM would BUY adventures. It took other people convincing him... ;-)

  • I have heard some of that, but time for Above and Beyond ! Or dancing in the asteroid belt. Whichever is easier.

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  • Here is an update on No Ducks version 2. Added several puzzle passageways, and some rooms. The circular room with spiral stairs leads up into the observation tower.

    900 pixel jpg larger jpg in my gallery.

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  • Numbered the rooms, fixed one of the corridors going into room 3A.

    This could be run as still having people living here, or it is abandoned.

    900 pixel jpg, 2000 in gallery.

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  • Moved the numbers out of the rooms, so players don't get a hint where their characters are. Also secret doors aren't marked with a big S. Easier to deal with using a VTT.

    900 pixel jpg, 2000 in gallery.

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    Easier to deal with using a VTT.

    Shouldn't really be a major concerns for CC3+ users though. This was one of the reasons when i started the Community Atlas that it was very important for me that it was a CC3+ based atlas, and not just images linked in some other fancy campaign builder program, was with the .fcw files available, people could export exactly what they needed for their purpose, grids, numbers, labels, secrets.....

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    The one I use, Epic Table, can use graphics that are my typical use size, 2000 pixels. Others use more room battlemaps half that or smaller.

    I was more referring to fog of war. Can't hide room number if they are in the room. Well, there might be, but I have no idea how. Many of my older maps, I was the only one who looked at them, so I could put notes, a big S for Secret, etc. all over the maps. I used pasteboard, I guess it could be called thin cardboard, for floor tiles.

    I still find myself making mistakes due to making maps that I subconciously remember only me being able to see. Then I move things out of the rooms that don't belong there, like that huge letter S for Secret.

    I'm getting there.

    I'm thinking about using my older computer I just moved everything from, as my VTT computer. And maybe my ham radio logging computer to. Have to remember to check it for insects after I bring it in from my shed.

    edit: Sigh, my brain seems to have wandered off into write a novel mode. See you all in a day or so.

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