Small Town of Fulnet

This is a map I tried to recreate from an old Dungeon Magazine issue with just CC3 tools and my limited knowledge of how to use them. The original map used the two perspectives which seemed to work so I wanted to try it.

When I saved it as a PNG, I lost the white glow around the text.

I can't for the life of me remember if there is a name for the numerical listing of locations. Key or legend don't seem right because they explain symbols on a map. I thought maybe an index. I was looking for an easy way to make one in CC3 but I couldn't find it. If there is documentation explaining, I would appreciate being pointed in that direction. I have just about everything in the ProFantasy catalog.



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    Ralf generates a grid and index of place names next to the map in this video here.

    This link is direct to the point where he starts that process, though if you have time to sit and watch from the beginning it is a nice overall learning experience.

  • I understand that you shouldn't mix perspectives on a map but sometimes it's either unavoidable or more aesthetically pleasing to do so. It can help with highlighting particular features too depending on the map.

    What you've got there is a very usable and nice map. I reckon re-doing existing maps is a good way to learn this software as it gives you something to aim for, particularly, if like me, you're not that creative.

  • Thank you, Sue. The video is great and I am planning to watch the whole thing as well as any others that are available.

    jmabbott--I would love to post the original map for comparison, but I am unsure about the copyright issues since it was published in Dungeon Magazine #221 (Wizards of the Coast).

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    The whole series is linked from this thread:

    Ralf has a way of introducing lots of new information about how to use CC3 generally each time he does one, even though he might be concentrating on a particular style.

    I'm not sure about posting maps you haven't made, but I think where there is any doubt it probably would be best not to ;)

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