The 'No Ducks' version 1 dungeon

Edit: I forgot to mention these No Ducks dungeons are basically revamps of B1, from TSR.

Maybe I shouldn't try to come up with a dungeon name late at night. But there aren't any ducks in this dungeon. Really. It isn't complete, but I decided to share. Maybe with the idea of getting a laugh.

Oh, this is a maybe partial revamp of B1 Quasqueton. This is from the Watabou random dungeon generation page, two maps inserted and used as a mapping guide.

I noticed, finally, that save as png leaves the text. But if you export as png from Watabou, the text goes away, and the area outside the dungeon becomes transparent which makes it easier to line up with the loaded template.

Rooms 2 and 5, the blue items are ghostly figures. Probably haunting the dungeon.

Room 9, topiary: 2 deer and one griffon. Touching might activate them. ( CSUAC)

Room 12: That is one huge portcullis. Probably not a detriment to small and man sized beings; however, going through it without raising it just might be dangerous.

edit: there is a 2000 pixel jpg in my gallery.



  • In appreciation of your 'No Ducks':
    1) I think I've seen this place in the hills outside Corvallis. After it was cleared out by Adventurers, it was turned into a Hall and some dorms.
    2) So let's say you come out of this dungeon and you find yourself up on a mountain. And it's cold, and you're hungry and it's starting to get dark, so you want to get down off the mountain. Well you can't. You don't get down off a mountain, you get down off a duck. Of which you have none.
  • A pun ? Ole' !

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  • edited December 2020

    edit: Before I forget... Dec 7 through Dec 15, 2020 I'll be busy and likely not logging in much.

    Here it is, completed. I may or may not add another level 2 or later on.

    Room dimensions estimated by eye.

    If anyone wants to use this in their game sessions, please free to do so.

    No Ducks 1

    1) Entrance: 50' x 50' x 15' + 55' x 95'

    Stairs down: slope is 23.2 degrees.

    3 bugbears behind a wooden wagon. Two oil lamps on wall to left and right. Three small piles of broken rocks.

    Doors on North side are open. Open doorway leads to room 6 which has 2 giant beetles. The bugbears are trying to keep the beetles in that room. The wooden door into room 6 bears the scares of mandibles trying to open it.

    Short passageway leads to a blank wall. Two foot gap between that and the wall into room 5. Digging need to breach the gap. Noisy digging.

    Secret passage way to room 11, requires digging to cross the 2 foot gap.

    2) 52' x 51' x 12'

    2 ghostly tables, and 3 ghostly chairs.

    A regular desk, and 3 desks with storage shelves. And maybe one or two of them have a secret drawer.

    3) 32' x 70' x 15'

    2 giant ants and a bull. They are intently watching the entrance open doorway.

    Rocks, fungi. An obvious trap door in front of one giant ant. Wood debris in front of the other one.

    4) 32' x 27' x 9'

    Hidden behind a 4' thick wall.

    Two open pit traps with spikes. Two open pits without spikes.

    Three small chests.

    5) storage, former bar. 41' x 47' x 12' ghostly bar and cabinet ( the blue items) Drink orders can be filled, but it could be very dangerous to drink them.

    2 chests. 4 sealed jars.

    On the table are 3 green glowing bottles, and 3 flasks.

    6) storage: 33' x 33' x 12' 2 giant beetles. 5 square crates. 2 rectangular crates.

    7) 30' x 33' x 15'

    The topiary will say, via magic mouth recording, 'Roar, I say Roar' when any being arrives into the room.

    If anyone attacks, pets, etc. the topiary it will attack as a 2 hit dice monster doing 1d4 damage per attack which is done by brances and leaves smothering.

    -> The areas on the east side of room 7 that look hollow could have something in them.

    2 small wooden crates

    The ceiling glows like ordinary sunlight.

    8) 45' x 45' x 12'

    Four hungry beetles.

    Trapdoor leading into a small 3' x 3' room, 5' deep.

    9) 43' x 45' x 15'

    The topiaries in this room do a song and dance when any being enters the room.

    The berries on the trees look delicious. They are poisonous, easy save.

    The ceiling glows like ordinary sunlight.

    Stepping on the cracks could lead to a fall.

    10) 25' x 30' x 8'

    medallion engraved into the floor.

    11) 28' x 27' x 7'

    Floor grate and a pile of coins.

    Or is an illusion, and the coins are really under the grate ?

    12) 40' circular room, 12' high.

    The large portcullis will only stop humans from entering.

    Two braziers in the room. Inspection shows they likely can only burn for 3 hours. There is air flow up through the celing.

    13) hidden behind the brazier, secret door.

    37' x 25' x 10'

    11 skeletons apparently guarding 3 floor grates.

    There might be some treasure below the grates.

    14) 30' circle, 15' high.

    Two braziers, venting out the ceiling. A small pool, 20 feet deep. There might be something in the water.

    15) 30' x 7' high.

    5 giant rats. And a brazier. Small trap door in the ceiling for food drops to them, the food is late.

    900 pixel jpg. 200 pixel jpg in my gallery.

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  • Had to add a bit more.

    Medallion on the floor of room 2. Does it lead to the identical medallion on the floor between rooms 16 and 17 ? Or is it a trap ? And room 18, is it a trap with hidden pits ? Does the medallion lead a character safely to the other one, if they know the secret word ?

    Look at all that treasure in 16 and 17 ! Or are they illusions ?

    900 pixel jpg, 200 pixel in gallery.

  • @Monsen If these 3 maps can be used in the Atlas, just let me know and I'll make a surface map to go with each one.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator

    Almost any dungeon map can be used in the atlas, especially if you make surface maps. The main difficulty for putting a dungeon in the atlas is that there aren't any surface locations to use as a linking point (not everyone is good at putting points of interests in their maps). But when you make the surface maps too, it is no problem whatsoever. Just find appropriate locations for them.

  • Thanks. I'm a bit busy this week. But if anyone has suggestions, I'll look them over.

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  • Moved the numbers out of the floorplan in this one as well.

    900 pixel jpg. and gallery.

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