The 'No Ducks' version 1 dungeon

Maybe I shouldn't try to come up with a dungeon name late at night. But there aren't any ducks in this dungeon. Really. It isn't complete, but I decided to share. Maybe with the idea of getting a laugh.

Oh, this is a maybe partial revamp of B1 Quasqueton. This is from the Watabou random dungeon generation page, two maps inserted and used as a mapping guide.

I noticed, finally, that save as png leaves the text. But if you export as png from Watabou, the text goes away, and the area outside the dungeon becomes transparent which makes it easier to line up with the loaded template.

Rooms 2 and 5, the blue items are ghostly figures. Probably haunting the dungeon.

Room 9, topiary: 2 deer and one griffon. Touching might activate them. ( CSUAC)

Room 12: That is one huge portcullis. Probably not a detriment to small and man sized beings; however, going through it without raising it just might be dangerous.

edit: there is a 2000 pixel jpg in my gallery.



  • thehawkthehawk Traveler
    In appreciation of your 'No Ducks':
    1) I think I've seen this place in the hills outside Corvallis. After it was cleared out by Adventurers, it was turned into a Hall and some dorms.
    2) So let's say you come out of this dungeon and you find yourself up on a mountain. And it's cold, and you're hungry and it's starting to get dark, so you want to get down off the mountain. Well you can't. You don't get down off a mountain, you get down off a duck. Of which you have none.
  • A pun ? Ole' !

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