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I have both FT3 and CC3, but when I try to export a world from FT3 to CC3, I am stuck with climate/contour etc.... How can I export the exact image on my FT3 screen to CC3? I can't find an export setting that gives me that exact image.

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    This comes up a lot when people first use FT3 to generate maps for CC3.

    The thing you see in FT3 is a heightmap with a smooth transition between all the thousands of individual data points describing your world.

    CC3 cannot yet express heightmaps as anything other than a bitmap image exported from FT3 and imported as that same a bitmap to CC3. Here are two example extracts of CC3 maps generated in FT3 and processed in two different ways, taken from the 2019 Cartographer's Annual November issue (CA155).


    This first one is a contour map.

    While this second one is the same extract using a bitmap background.

    Both these maps have been taken through a step by step erosion process described in the above mentioned annual using a free app called Wilbur, which you can download and install here...

    ...and have colour schemes provided in the annual.

    So to summarise there are 2 ways of getting a similar result to that seen in FT3. The first example is done by contours and self contained, and the second example is a bitmap image background that requires you to keep the bitmap in the same folder as the CC3 map that uses it.



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    Thank you :-)

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    You're welcome :)

    What I described is only a very general summary. Both these processes are described in the annual in far greater detail as two separate 20+ page illustrated mapping guides.

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    I'm in a bit of a hurry (game tonight), so I saved a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE bmp for now and it works like a charm. When I have more time, I'll check out the other method as well. Thank you so so much :-) :-)

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