some battle maps, 75' x 50'

I was reading another forum, and several people were talking about battle mats/maps. The ones they had found had buildings. So I was thinking of making some that are just woods areas, with different paths, different bushes and trees, different backgrounds, etc. Along with no grid, square grid, hex grid; color and B/W.

So here are several preliminary maps. Same background, with path and shrubbery differences.



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    Squares and B/W. Same map. Selected 'Greyscale' in Irfaview and saved. I could also make them with a gray or B/W overland map template. edit: The squares are 5 feet.

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    They could use some attention to the edge fade in several places, both to make the road fir more natural with the terrain, as well as get rid of the sharp edges of some of those terrain polys (they might need to be moved to a separate sheet)

  • There are 3 fills on the background. I'll have to work on that. Thanks.

  • I only redid this one. I'll have to renumber the ones on my hard drive so I don't write over the different versions. This has two background bitmap fills. They are now on different sheets. The main background one needs work.

  • These are now numbered so you can more easily tell me which ones have problems. Number 4, the two bit map fills have switched sheets. Number 5 has an added brick fill, probably remnants of an old wall. Most of these have a brown color 40 for a background sheet. All other background fills are on separate sheets. I also did different amounts of edge fade, inner on these. Some have 8 width, some are 4 width, or larger. Some the outer opacity is larger than zero percent. In future I hope to find time to work on connecting tiles.

    Some have a pergola, some different shrubbery, some different paths. The next ones will have bigger differences.

  • A path. Apparently a dead soldier behind a small wall. Is he there to protect the pumpkin patch from the hog ? And who cut the tree down ? Certainly not the hog.

    Different types of shrubbery on opposite sides of the path. Map 7 through 9 hasn't been started yet.

  • Very likely to remove the map border on this one, otherwise I don't think the geomorph would work well.

    A tree, bushes, rocks, a spider, and open and closed pit. A path. I''l dig around see what other symbols I can find in a B&W style.

  • Here we go. Spider more hidden, and a few different symbols. Border hidden.

  • Instead of just making them in random fashion, I think it would work better for connecting them if I inserted each one into a larger map, and then made squares so the paths follow a larger path.

    And 12 above will be 2 maps instead of one.

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    This is what I meant by making one large map, and inserting the battlemaps so I could see where paths go and make connecting maps match. The map in the bottom right is number 10. Screen is erased on these smaller maps, so some symbols and paths will be visible that otherwise wouldn't. I'll see if the 2000 pixel wide map will go on the gallery. Otherwise I probably should put this up on my web site so it is clearer.

    Not all numbers have maps currently.

    edit: The 2000 pixel jpg fit in my gallery.

  • Well. I was trying to figure out how to map a small map, add it to the larger map, that is the easy bit.

    But, if I make changes, how to get them to the smaller map ?

    I finally remembered how I did it.

    I made the small pieces on the larger map, then copied out all the bits for one of the small maps, the paths already matched doing it this way.

    Also, the above map had some mistakes in sheet order. I think I have that fixed now. And Map 4 was incorrectly located on this map, that is also fixed.

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