Three questions

I have tried to search for answers, but I feel I am too new to know the proper verbage to get a proper response. So, my hope is to lay out the symptom, and perhaps someone will understand and can point me in the correct direction.

Firstly, and most annoying, When I turn on effects in my sheet, the roads in my city vanish. Turn them off, the come back. I have poked around in the setting until I am blue in the face. I have tried moving the roads sheet up and down in the order, and nothing seems to work.

Secondly, how can I make the symbol set for my buildings and structures 'rotate' to the next one like trees and mountains do. Like place the current selection, and the next moves to the next symbol in that set in that portion. IE, if you have small house symbols selected, and you just placed small house "F" and you want to go to "G" automatically.

And lastly, I seem to recall playing with CD in the past, and having it place buildings on both sides of the street as you laid down the street. I can't seem to find the setting that allows this.

I should to tell you I am using CC3+ and the CD3 plugin(?) for CC3+.

Thanks ahead of time.



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    1. Check the size of your effects. It is quite possible that the roads are on a sheet with a strong edge fade. If the edge fade is wider than half the road, it will disappear. You can check which sheet your roads are on using the Info -> List command. This is useful to make sure they are on the sheet you believe them to be on. Then check the effects for that sheet.
    2. The trees have their groups set up for random selection from the group. I wrote a blog article about that last month, which you can find here:

    3. Right click the Random Street button to access the options, where you can control this.

  • Thanks! I will look into these right away.

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