Missing images from Issue 108B and 131?

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Just picked up the CC3 bundle (edit: the bundle with everything) and I've been going through all the issues checking maps out. I noticed these maps appear to be missing some images. Anyone else run into this? With so much stuff to install, I'm wondering if I missed an installer? Is there a way to see what files are actually missing? In case it matters, when I could choose where to install artwork I put it on my D:\ drive (C:\ is a small SSD).

Issue 108B - Battle Map Collection:

CA108B Forest Camp: Missing several symbols. Guessing tress and much of the camp, including the campfire.

CA108B Forest Path: Looks like some trees are missing like above.

CA108B Razoredge Gorge 2: Looks like some trees overhanging the water are missing (and one bush near the bottom left).

Issue 131 - Village Battle Maps:

CA131_FarmBattle: Looks like some dead horses(?) are missing, and something in the alcove outside the house on the right.

CA131_VillageBattle: Missing something large between the kitchen area (left of the wall there) and the table for six to the left of it.

C131_WagonOnTheRoad: is missing the wagon and some stuff along the road (guessing bushes or stones).

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    As mentioned in the mapping guides for those two issues, it uses free resources from the CSUAC collection, in addition to standard ProFantasy Resources. Se the mapping guides and this post for more info.



  • Ah, thanks. The way I read it sounded like CSUAC was only needed if you didn't have DD3 and SS2. Downloading all of four of the community packs!

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