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Relative CC3+ novice here, with what I hope is a simple question.

I built my campaign map using Joe Sweeney's original 2008 CC3 overview video series...and created my bitmap ocean Background in exactly the manner he demonstrated on the video.

I am getting back into mapping after barely dabbling for last 6 years, and finally got my design to a point to print, whereby I decided I would like a deeper blue Background.

I've tried Edit>>Change Background Color...but can't seem to make anything change.

I would like to be able to experiment with new bitmap backgrounds til I find one I like (that makes the test on the ocean area's really stand out).

Can anyone assist me?

Thanks heaps!


(PS Fairly excited, my first ProFantasy Forum Post :-)


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    Select sheet and layer background, the check mark.

    On the layer bit, freeze and hide all layers except background.

    If the fill style is solid, you can changec ( for change color ) the background.

    If it doesn't change when you do that, type changefs and select the background. ( That is change fill style ) and then type solid, it will change colors.


    You can select a fill style from the FS option upper right.

    Click on Bitmap files

    Click on the down arrow on the opposite end of Fill Style Name and select one from the list. Water is down at the bottom of the list, if that template has water bitmap files.

    Select one. Making sure 'This is the current selected fill style' has a dark button in it, to show it is selected.

    Click okay.

    Type changefs

    Click on the background, right click select Do it.

    Go to the FS, fill style, selector and click okay.

    Your background should change.
  • luck.

    Somehow my ocean background (which I think is a bitmap) is on the SEA sheet...RELIEF/CONTOURS layer. I have no BACKGROUND sheet in the sheet menu...but I do have one in the layers menu.

    I am sure my ocean is on the SEA sheet because it disappears when I delete that sheet. And then I have no idea how to recreate it.

    I had saved a previous I went back to it and tried to execute your selecting the SEA sheet from the sheets menu (check box)...and pulling down the list of options from the FS window in the upper right corner...(where it said it was a solid?)...selected bitmap tab...found the water options at the bottom (just like you said)...and selected the darkest one (and later a gray one just to see an obvious change of color)...but nothing happened.

    I am completely unable to use the Edit Properties button on the ocean to change it that way...I cannot even find a way to select it with the eye dropper to get it's properties. It's just there and I cannot seem to do anythng to it (except delete the sheet).

    Any idea what I messed up (likely years ago)...and how I can reset it?

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    If you can't select it, it might be on a frozen layer. Open up the layers dialog, and check for frozen layers.

    You can also check what sheet/layer any entity is on with the Info -> List command, this command should be able to select an entity even if it is on a frozen layer.
  • THANK YOU!!!

    I was finally able to select my ocean background entitry by hiding all other sheets and shrinking the size of my drawing until I could drag the edit properties curser to capture entire map area (and finally saw command box reflect one item selected).

    From there I was able to finally select a slightly darker bitmap from the drop down menu.

    Now next question...darkest bitmap in drop down menu was still not as dark as I was looking for.

    How can I create, or find, or edit a darker bitmap?

  • Look in the drop down menu for the gray bmps. They are different percent of opaqueness.

    Select one then using the drawing tools put that on top of the ocean.
  • Great technique...thanks!
  • You're welcome.
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    I have the same problem displaying a picture on my site. It's too light. When I choose a darker one, individual elements disappear from the map, they are not visible.
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    Hi David :)

    When you say you change the background how are you doing it? Are you hiding all but the BACKGROUND sheet and using Change Properties tool to change the fill, or some other way?
  • I can see how darker symbols and roads would disappear on top of a darker background that is close in color.

    I haven't had that happen recently, but in the past I did come up against such a problem. I found a different bitmap fill, I think from a different style.

    Is that why they disappear ?
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