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    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2018 edited
    The community atlas is approaching its 1-year anniversary, and in celebration of that event, we will hold a mapping contest. If you are new to the atlas but want to participate, feel free to ask questions below.

    For anyone participating in social media or other forums with appropriate membership (CC3+ users) I encourage you to share and promote this contest. You can link people to the announcement over at the blog.

    More details are below, but the basic premise is to make maps for the atlas, and possibly win a prize for your effort. I hope to see all of the regulars, as well as new contributors in this contest. And remember, some maps take more time than others to make. If you are short on time, pick a map type and place you know you don't need as much time to make, you don't have to devote several days to mapping to make a decent map if you pick your subject carefully.

    Note that you don't have to be a forum member to participate, you can submit your entry via email (see below), but all the contest information will be presented in this thread.

    During the first year of the atlas, we have created more than 110 maps for people to download and use in their own campaigns. That's about 10 new maps every month.


    This contest is supposed to have a low bar for entry, if you are confused or unsure about anything in the rules below, don't hesitate to post a question below. If you have already submitted to the atlas in the past, you should be familiar with the procedures already.


    Any maps submitted to the atlas during the month of February are eligible for the contest. For clarity, we use the UTC+0 time zone to determine when February begins and ends. You can submit multiple maps if you wish.


    To be eligible, the map must be submitted to the atlas using the normal guidelines, but they must obviously be submitted during the month of February.

    In short:
    • Map must be a proper CC3+ map and not require outside resources (such as a background image)
    • It must be of a place in the atlas (Remember to reserve the location up front)
    • You must accept that your map will be included in the atlas, and the .fcw will be available to anyone, just as with all the other atlas maps
    • The map must be made using CC3+, CC3+ add-ons and community add-ons (Vintyri Cartographic Collection, Bogie's Mapping Objects, Dundjinni Archives, CSUAC 2.0) only , and must work on a standard CC3+ installation with these resources installed. Of course, you don't need to use any add-on, you can make the map with just CC3+ and nothing else if that is what you prefer.
    • No postprocessing in an image editor
    • The delivery is the .fcw file

    Any map submissions that do not meet the above criteria will have to be returned to the mappers for fixing and re-submission within the time limit.

    Judging and Prizes

    There will be two categories, best map, and random draw

    Best map will be judged by community vote once the submission period is over. The voting period will be 7 days, starting as soon after the submission period as I can after finishing processing the entries.

    Two maps will be drawn randomly from all of those submitted.

    The three winners will each receive a $30 ProFantasy store voucher sponsored by ProFantasy Software Ltd.

    Note that each contestant is only eligible for one prize, we will redraw until we have 3 distinct winners.

    I urge you to participate even if you already own all of the ProFantasy products. Should you win you can save the voucher for next years annual, or give it on to another deserving community member (These vouchers make fine birthday gifts).

    Skill Level

    As with the atlas itself, no particular skill level is required to participate. You need to be skilled enough to actually produce a CC3+ map, and you must be able to make a map that resembles the place/area you set out to map in the correct scale. But you do not need to be artistically inclined, or make the most beautiful and/or detailed maps to participate. Even if you don't feel you can compete for best map, you still have a chance to win one of the random draws.
    Remember, the atlas is about having a wide range of maps available to the users, not just a few beautiful ones. Don't be intimidated just because there are some very pretty maps in there now.

    What Can I map?

    Anything that needs mapping in the atlas. That may be a regional map from one of our continents, a local map from one of our regional maps (or an even more local map from a local map), a city map of one of the cities, or a floorplan from one of the buildings, or a dungeon map or anything else that seem reasonable.
    Please do pick some detail in the original map you wish to expand on though. For example, if you wish to make a local map, identify an area on a regional map. If you want to make a city, pick a city symbol/marker, and so on, please don't pick an "empty" spot on the map and just put a dungeon there, find an interesting feature that could hold a dungeon. A good advice when you want to make a dungeon somewhere and you can't find a good feature is to first make a local map of the surrounding areas (set somewhere in the atlas) and then put in the feature serving as the dungeon entrance on that map (be it a cave, a ruin, a temple, or whatever), and then map the dungeon. Voila, you have two maps for the atlas.
    Also, remember to put interesting stuff in your maps others can develop further.

    Note that the atlas is a fantasy/low tech medieval setting (but with inspiration from many cultures), so no modern/futuristic content.

    Submission Delivery

    All submissions must be in the form of the map .fcw file, sent to me via email ( or in a whisper here.
    In addition, I need the following information
    Your Name/nickname: As you would like it to appear publicly in the map infobox. Could be your real name, your forum name, another nickname, etc. (Only important for your first map to the atlas, for subsequent maps, I just copy the info from the first)
    Contact details: Only if you wish to allow people to contact you about the map, for example for usage requests. This will be embedded in a map note the map, and therefore public, so only include it if you really want this. You can also put the URL of your website here. (Again, only important for your first map submission)
    Map Description: If you have one. Will be put into a map note (completely optional, if included can be anything from a single paragraph to a multi-page writeup)
    Styles Used: Which (main) style(s) did you use for this map. A listing of the styles is enough, no detailed description of the usage is required. For most map this is simply the name of the style you chose in the new map wizard dialog, such as "CC3 Mike Schley Overland" or "Annual Local Maps", but if you use heavily from another style, it can be something like "Annual Local Maps with elements from CC3 Mike Schley Overland", but it doesn't need to list every style you have take something from, this is more an information as to what the base style of the map is, not where every individual element came from.
    Products Required: Which products/symbol sets are required to view this map? (VERY important). Note that I only need to know the actual product, I don't need to know exactly which symbols that came from which product, and if you used multiple styles from the same product (such as multiple annual issues from the same year), I only need to know the product, not a listing of each style.

    Reserve areas

    Remember to reserve the area in the atlas before you start mapping. While I do accept maps for unreserved areas if nobody else have claimed them, if anyone else have reserved that area, I will be forced to refuse your map. Most reserved areas can be seen on online map browser by clicking the 'show reserved areas' button below the map (The button is only visible if reserved areas are present), but it is best to do a formal request for an area first, as some areas are difficult to reserve properly on the map, so there are a few areas not available even if not indicated on the online maps. Reserving the area with me is the best way to be sure it is available, and prevent anyone else from also trying to do the same area. Reservation is done by asking me for the area here in the forum (Screenshot with your intended are marked is helpful) or by email.
    (Also, remember that the default state of the atlas is that it is open for anyone to make a detail map anywhere, so even if you made the main map yourself, someone else might already have reserved an area on it, so don't assume every area on a map you made is automatically yours to develop further (If you plan to do so, reserve them)).

    Big thanks to ProFantasy for sponsoring this contest.

    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2018
    Hey Remy :)

    That's a really cool contest.

    You could advertise it at the Guild? If you contact one of the Community Leaders they might put it up on the News forum for you. (its only accessible to CLs and Publishers, so I can't do it for you - sorry!)
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2018
    Thanks Sue, but I think I leave that to someone who actually uses the guild, there should be several among our users here. I never managed to get into that place, and I don't have the postcount to PM anyone which means I need to to post publicly to make private requests, which means they might not even see it unless they read every post.
    • CommentAuthorScottA
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2018
    Fun idea. I'm in. Just have to go see what I want to do...
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2018
    I'm on the road in February (actually 23 Jan to 13 March), so I might get a map up and running before I go, then submit it in Feb - is that OK?
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2018
    As long as you submit it in February, all is fine, doesn't matter when you make it (Although I do hope this doesn't cause everyone to stop submit maps until February). I intentionally announced this early so people could prepare (and to have the entries coming in all throughout February, and not just the last few days)
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2018 edited
    Here is a short timeline of the atlas so far:

    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2018
    Wow. I thought I was always behind.
    • CommentAuthorShessar
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2018
    Very cool. Thanks to ProFantasy for supporting this!

    I just skimmed the first post so not sure if this is covered: Do we need to reserve a new area for this or can I use an area I currently have reserved for my submission?
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2018
    Using an area you previously reserved is fine.
    • CommentTime4 days ago edited
    Just to clarify, all maps handed in during the month of February will automatically participate in the contest, you don't need to do anything special to participate other than to hand in an atlas map during this month. And, the more maps you hand in, the larger the chance of getting one of the random prices.

    Remember that the contest will start on February 1st, at midnight UTC, and end on February 28th on midnight UTC, so keep the time zones in mind if you plan on handing in a map right around the month change. And remember, it is fine to start on the map now hand have it ready for February, you don't need to wait until February to start your contest map, as long as it is handed in during February.

    And remember, this contest is open to everyone. I would very much enjoy seeing some new mappers to the atlas for this. And don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the process.