Unable to Change Text Properties

Hello all.

I'm having difficulty with changing the text properties of a text label. I right-click the Change Properties icon and select Change Text Properties. Then I select the text label I want to change. I put in new values for Height and Spacing% then click OK, but nothing changes. Then when I repeat the process, the old values are still in the Text Properties dialogue box. Here is a screen shot:

I am trying to change the Height to 5 and the Spacing% to 150, but when I do that nothing changes and those values are retained. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much.


Edit: Even when I create a brand new text label, those same values shown in the screen shot appear and if I attempt to set them to 5 and 150% respectively, they still end up as 8 and 300%.


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    Please disregard this question. It's actually working now by the magic of posting a question to this forum.

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    Just to point out one thing regarding that dialog, CC3+ always show the current text properties in the dialog (as in those that will be used if you create a new text entity, not the ones of the selected entity). So when you try a second time on the same text, it is normal that it still shows the same values.

    This can be confusing at first, but it is very helpful when you need to change multiple entities in a row. The actual properties of an entity can always be found using either list on the entity, or by using Extract Properties on the entities, making the properties of the entity the current ones, thereby making them the default values in dialogs.

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    Oh that's a good tip! Thank you very much.

    The main problem I was having seems to revolve around how the software behaves within a CrossOver bottle. I had the software installed on my MacOS machine in CrossOver and the behavior was unpredictable at best. There were times when I would issue a command and something completely unrelated to that command would occur. So ultimately I decided that even though I prefer working on my MacOS machine, I need to work on my Windows machine to get the most out of CC3+.

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