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Welcome to the new and updated forums.

As you can see, the new version do look a bit different than before. The new version doesn't support the same template as the old, and have different elements, so the look has been recreated for the new templates.

Mostly, you'll find things in much the same place as earlier, but here is a short list of changes and new features to get you all started.

I'll write more detailed writeups of some of the features later.

New Editor

The post editor is now a new fancy rich text editor. It allows you to easily use different styles like headings and lists by using the tools in the editor itself, no more writing html codes. It also allows for easy uploads of images, in addition to clicking on the image icon to be presented with a file picker dialog, you can also drag and drop images, and paste them with Ctrl + C.

The new editor should automatically turn any pasted URL's into hyperlinks, and turn links to some special media like youtube into embedded videos.

Profile Data

Your username and password and email is exactly as before, but some of the user data, like real name and custom profile fields did not transfer over because the new forum versions handles things a bit differently. So if you want your real name showing on your profile, please edit it and add it. You'll also want to check your avatar. To edit your profile, click the avatar icon in the top right


The new version no longer supports whispers in conversations. Instead, it uses a more traditional Private Messaging system. All old whispers have been converted to PM's. Click the envelope in the top right followed by the All Messages link in the popup to see these.


Next to the envelope icon is the notification bell. By default, the forum notifies you of all manner of things. Click the bell and then the settings icon right below it to customize your notifications, and which will be shown just on the bell (popup) and which will be sent as email.

Image Uploads

The forum still has an attachment limit at 2MB for images and other attachments in posts, but now you also have a personal image gallery on your profile. Uploads in the gallery is limited to 5MB per file, which should give you a nice hi-resolution image if you stick to .jpg.

Reactions & Badges & Points & Ranks

You can now react to posts by clicking the like, awesome, insightful and lol reaction buttons. Please don't let these be a replacement for a friendly comment though, it is much nicer to have someone say something, but a like still shows you appreciate something even if you don't find anything to say. Getting reactions to your posts grants you points, which when enough have been accumulated will give badges and ranks, which showcase your community involvement.

Post Editing

A common way of spamming is to post a seemingly helpful post, and later go back and edit it. To prevent this behavior, there is now a time limit for editing your posts. If you really need to edit an old post rather than just post a new comment with an update, contact a moderator. Members with higher ranks have a longer period, since trusted members probably aren't spammers.

Old Links

Not all old links to various spots in the forums will work anymore. I'll update the various stickies and such in the coming days, but if you encounter a link that doesn't work properly, such as in the Interesting Resources sticky, this is why.

Have fun, and go on mapping :)

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