Printing to 1" scale

Hey guys. I searched through the archives here and found some relevant threads, but I'm still very confused and I can't seem to get this to work.

I am trying to print out a 1" : 5' scale battlemap with grid. I am using the battlemap template within DD3, but I can't seem to get the scale factor right in the print menu... Can somebody hold my hand and walk me through printing to scale?


  • And how does this relate to the tiling option below?
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    All you need to do to print out a battlemap at this scale is to set the paper distance to 1" and the paper distance to 5'. Remember to include the feet/inches symbols ('/") to tell CC3 what kind of number this is.
    The scaling option should also be "Scale factor" and not "fit to page"

    If the battle map is larger than a standard sheet of paper (A standard A4 sheet is 297mm x 210mm, which means you can fit about 11 x 8 squares on it), you need to set up tiling as well. Input the data for as many shhets of paper you need, depending on the size of your battlemap.
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