Introduction and suggestion!

Hi there everyone. This is my first forum post, just wanted to quickly introduce myself to the community and make a brief suggestion for the forums.

I've just bought CC3 and downloaded and installed the CSAUC files. After some playing around with them I managed to get them all installed and working (Thanks to an awesome post by Monsen!)

I'm really enjoying the programme so far and have worked through the excellent tutorial's on the site now. I'm going to definitely buy through the catalogue of additional software and content by profantasy over the coming months.

My interest in CC and it's attached add-ons is both as a hobby and also to support the creative design of a video game that I'm trying to develop with my brother. I'll be posting some of my maps as soon as they become more coherent - at the moment I'm just experimenting with the huge catalogue of symbols.

Anyway, my suggestion for the forum would be to add in an introduction section for new members. It seems to me that this forum has a good, friendly community but I couldn't find a suitable area to introduce myself so I thought it would be a very positive way to ingratiate new members. Anyway, just a thought.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to chatting to you guys and gals soon. And hope to get some harsh critiqué on my maps from you lot - I'm still blown away by the level of talent amongst the members. Thanks.


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