Fighting the Interface

I was just wondering if anyone else fights the battle of the layers? It seems like I'm constantly checking to see that stuff is on the right layer and/or sheet. I'm also always fighting which symbol catalog appears when using the buttons on the symbol catalog bar. For example, when I press the 'structures' button in an overland map I want the SS1 structures catalog to show rather than the CC3 bitmap symbols. I prefer the vector symbols as there are more choices (i.e. there are fewer bitmap-filled symbols) and the fill symbols seem rather dark and hazy to me.


  • If I remember correctly, you can deal with that via right clicking on one of the menus. It should allow you to choose what symbol catalog sets to pick from. And I believe the details are laid out in the manual.

    Personally my only real problem is remembering or realizing I want something on a different layer after it's already down and in contact with something I don't want to alter. I know there's a way to do it, but my half-hearted attempts to figure it out have been for naught. One of these days I'll stop being lazy and look it up. Or at least that's what I use as my excuse. ;)
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