32-bit Setup Launcher on old CC2 disks

Last time I had this problem was when I had XP Pro 64-bit. But it seems the latest XP Pro 32-bit version can not start 32-bit Setup Launcher on old CC2 disks including the symencrypt6 which I downloaded from ProFantasy site years ago.

Does anyone here know how to get these moving?

I sent in to tech support as well, but was wondering if anyone else might have a solution.

The only disks I have anymore that uses the 32-bit Setup Launcher is DD2, CD2 and CC2 Dioramas. Linda fixed my issues with DD2 and CD2 but now I need Dioramas fixed, and symencrypt6.

in case your wondering.

Running Windows XP Pro 32-bit SP2
Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT


  • I'd like to thank Profantasy and Linda for coming to my rescue once again. I guess I will have to assume that anything that says "32-bit Setup Launcher" will no longer work in newer computers. So with a different excutable file, this one saying "InstallShield Setup Launcher" I was able to install CC2Dioramas with my original disk code.

    The only Profantasy disks I own that use the older "32-bit Setup Launcher" are CC2 v.6, CD2, DD2 and CC2Dioramas. Well I have CC2 Pro so the last three are the troublesome trio.

    So thank you once again Profantasy. I still need CC2 to use my Tombs disk until a compatablity patch is made for CC3
  • Something to keep in mind, a 32-bit app does not mean a 32-bit launcher. I would think that the older disks could use a 16-bit launcher as that was very common up until a few years ago, not need to be otherwise. The main issue is, 16-bit applications on a 32-bit Windows OS are handled through what's known as 16-bit Windows on Windows (WOW). I should say, that's true with the NT family of products (NT/2000/XP/Vista), not the Win 9x and ME since they aren't truly 32-bit. So, when you have a 64-bit version of Windows, there's a version of the WOW to run 32-bit apps called WOW32. Unfortunately, there can't be yet another WOW version so there isn't a WOW16, hence a 16-bit app can't run. I've seen this with a good number of installers until the last few years as many companies don't upgrade to the newest installers unless there's a good reason since the old addage, if it's not broke don't fix it, is really true with installers.
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