New to CC3, question about importing paper maps and the map border.

Hey:) I'm new to CC3.. had CC2, but couldn't use it worth a hoot, CC3 is a lot easier. Have a question though. I've transfered a Forgotten Realms paper map into a bitmap, and am planning on tracing over it with CC3 and adding a few things in. Here's my problem.

I followed the instructions per the paper manual that came with the software.. I scanned the map I wanted, then transfered it to a 24bit bitmap. I've created a new layer called "Bitmap," and added the map onto CC3. In order to get the area I wanted centered, I had to start the map way beyond the map border and expand it through the map. Now, the map border shows up, and it keeps the map centered where I want it.. but the rest of the map expands beyond the border.

How do I get rid of all the excess outside of the border? Do I need to just edit the file before I import it onto the CC3 map, or is there a way to get rid of it without doing that?

Also, everytime I try to load that map if I've had to close down CC3.. the map won't load. It'll come up, the map and border will come up, then CC3 crashes right afterwards. Any ideas?


  • When I insert a bmp, I put the lower left corner at 0,0.

    Then I hold down the ctrl key and move the mouse pointer until the upper right corner of the bmp matches the uppper right corner of the map border. Well, just a small bit past the inner edge of the map border so it will cover the outside bit.

    After tracing all the land, ocean, mountains, areas I delete the bmp.

    I then hide and freeze all layers except the ones i want to work on. I show the map border.

    Then I use the NodeEdit/DynEdit to move the layers so they are inside and matching the inner edge of the map border, where that layer goes to the map border. If it doesn't go to the map border normall, I just make sure it doesn't overhand layers below it unless that is the effect I want.

    I continue until all are done.

    Ialways 'Save as' often to a sequence of filenames. city01_001, then city01_0002, etc. This way I can back up and make changes if the map goes in a direction I decide I don't like later on.
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