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The Green Belt

I've been running Paizo's "Kingmaker" adventure path for my friends since September and it's been a lot of fun. Since we're scattered all over the place, we use MapTool as our virtual tabletop. Anyway, exploration plays a huge role in the first part of the Kingmaker adventure path and I wanted to re-make the map from the book. Firstly because I thought it'd be good map making practice, secondly because I didn't want to have all of the 'secrets' on the map revealed to the players right away and lastly, I wanted an excuse to try out the 13th Age overland style.

The map is primarily the 13th Age style with some of the symbols from John Roberts Overland (I wanted to use more than just dots to represent the settlements and such) and I feel, aside from the bridges (I'm not super happy with them) that they worked alright. I still need to flesh out the southern part of the map and I still need to fix the border of the map. I'd love to hear any feedback and suggestions on how I could improve the map

The Green Belt


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