The Calm Water Lily Inn

Long time no see.

This is a quick, Japan-inspired Inn Map, that I created for an short adventure to run at a convention.

Primary style is Asian Town, with some bits and pieces of SS5 and the Forest Trails Dungeon style.

Here's a version without comments and grid, which may be suitable for VTT:

Larger Versions are in my gallery.

Have a good start into the week!

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    And here's the matching battle map.

    Primary style was Forest Trails, with bits from SS2, Asian Towns and several Symbols from Forgotten Adventures.

    The Tatami texture was a free to use one I found on the net and slightly modified using GIMP.

    Here's a closer look at the inn.

    I played around with the shadow effects for the paper walls and railing a bit.

    Now this place is ready to be thrashed - um appreciated by some weary characters requiring rest during a stormy night. And by the Oni I will include, of course... 😇

    Larger versions are in my gallery.

    Have a great weekend.

    Update: Had forgotten some windows in the bath house. Now they're added.

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    Printed and ready to use.

    A bit small, but It still needs to fit on the table... :)

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  • The way you worked on the contrasts between the outside - water and leaves, and the inside with the different wood textures - was very interesting. the dark blue of the water being cut by the lighter wood and then the darker wood again. Visually, the colors are very appealing.

    As for printing, here where I live the price for a good quality color print on paper is almost the same (a little cheaper) than printing on a plastic plotter. The advantage is that the plastic potter has better printing detail, resists Coca Cola, beer, orange juice and vodka... a complete session. Where do you live, is there a big difference in final price between the two materials?

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    Thank you Ricko.

    I spent a bit of time, picking and scaling the textures. Normally, the beams and walls should be black or at least more muted, but I think the red wood texture looks good. It can also be darkened for the window parts and pops out enough to make the map easy to read.

    Being in a rush, I had printed this out on our Small colour laser printer and joined the pieces using clear adhesive tape.

    Held up well, though we had to weight the map down against wind - we were outside in courtyard. My players were very dextrous and caring - no spills. :)

    Folded the map up and put it in a box afterwards. Should be able to use it again at least one more time.

    From what I saw, large scale laminated poster prints are about 20EUR, plus about 10 Euro for shipping.

    (If anyone knows a cheaper, better service for Germany, please advise. :) ).

    So I usually just print "single use-maps" on our own printer.

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    I print my maps on a "comum" graphic next to my house. one A0 size is approximately 15uss (plastic plotter).

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