On leprechauns and rainbows and pots of gold

I had a silly idea of doing a whimsical map or scene with leprechauns and pots of gold for St. Patrick's Day. But I didn't know how to incorporate a leprechaun, and that got me started down another path about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I started one in the Cities of Schley style, with the rainbow ending on an island with a chest of gold, but it was terrible. Scrapped that (but later went back to the concept) and ended up doing one in the more photorealistic Forest Trails style. The rainbow ends at a henge, landing on a green gemstone.

Then I did a tweak to it, having it end on a runestone instead:

Once I was happy with how the rainbow itself turned out, I was ready to revisit the project in the Mike Schley style......

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  • When I was ready to revisit the idea with the Mike Schley style, I took inspiration from Ricko Hasche's gorgeous maps that combine Mike Schley's Overland style with elements from the Cities of Schley Isometric style. I kept thinking about gold and leprechauns. Who else covets gold? Dragons, of course! So this rather large overland map has the rainbow ending on a dragon's nest with her golden egg. (Originally it was going to be a gold dragon, but the red one popped on the screen better.)

    I will post some zoomed-in versions in my galleries.

    Although I was pleased overall, it doesn't have the impact that Ricko Hasche's gorgeous maps do. I decided to make another attempt, this time with a much smaller area and going vertical. I'm much happier with this next attempt, although I need a ton more practice to get mine looking a fraction as nice as Ricko's.

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  • Hey @Royal Scribe Beautiful work! Note that in the first image, the waterfall is not in the foreground.

    In the second drawing, very beautiful by the way, you can improve it even further by using the trees or other symbols to "hide" the junctions of image with screen, or image with image. Note the points below.

    Also, if you want to show an apparent "use" of the magic circle of stones, you can leave it without grass and create a special sheet, above all, to use a hill background or mountain background and give the appearance of a ground "trampled".


    RalfRoyal ScribeJimPMapjunkieLoopysueCalibreGeorge
  • Thank you so much for the advice. Very appreciated! I will go back and play with it.

    Ricko Hasche
  • Ricko gave me some great tips -- fixing the waterfall in the first image (it needed to be more in the foreground), rotating some of the elven buildings to face the road, and adding trees to conceal where terrain/symbols connect. I hope I found all of the spots that needed trees! Here are my adjustments:

    LoopysueMonsenRicko HascheJimPGeorgeMapjunkieDak
  • Note the tree in the highest part of the tower. This one is overcoming the tower. because the tree is in the sheet symbols trees and the tower in the sheet symbols, or both are in the same sheet symbols trees and the tree "was in front". The simplest solution is to delete this tree. Cheers

    Royal Scribe
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