Practice: Wagon Tracks

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Hi folks,

I stopped by the ProFantasy booth at GenCon and had the opportunity to chat with Ralf a little. He was as friendly and helpful as you might expect from his posts here on the forum. One thing I asked him about, in particular, was how he did the wagon tracks for his Deadlands maps. I always thought they added a lot, giving roads and paths a "used" look. When I got back home I thought I'd try my hand at it. Below is my first attempt. I'm actually quite happy with how it turned out. Thoughts, anyone? I'm always glad to get feedback to help improve my mapping!

(Click for a higher resolution version)

It's just a random battle map. I'm still working out some of the effects settings, in particular for the water, so if Ralf or anyone has some additional tips, I'd be grateful for ideas. Also, if anyone's interested, I've attached a zip of the FCW file.

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