Sheet Effects stop working consistently

Hi all,

Working through CC3+ for the first time, been going through the tutorials for about 8-10 hours now. I have had the same kind of recurring issue in each of my attempts to make a map. After 30-40 minutes of mapping, without fail, my terrain textures will no longer repond to sheet effects. Coastlines, rivers, symbols, etc. seem to be unaffected.

In this example, you can see that the "Edge Fade, Inner" effect no longer affects the farmland texture I've laid out here. If I roll this map back to a previous autosave (where the edge fade effect is working) and place any symbol/road/etc, the effects break themselves again. I want to keep using CC3+, because I have a CAD background and it seems pretty useful, but this is difficult to work through.

Any thoughts?


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