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I have been working on my own Dungeon Symbols and style.

There are some things I need to correct still, but I would like to get some feedback.

This is my first post, so hello members


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  • I like the style, although I am not sure with the letters mean. I'm assuming C means concealed door, but I am not sure of the rest.

  • jslaytonjslayton Moderator, ProFantasy Mapmaker

    L should be locked door, if I recall my gaming history. This is a good example of how including a key can improve a map's utility.

    I'm curious about the wall patterns. The repeats are fairly short, so I'm curious about the technique used to make those walls.

  • There should be loos in dungeons - where does all the excrement from the monsters and orcs go - every dungeon should have its own sewer system, maintained by goblin sewer workers. How come noone knows this already - shucks.

  • jslaytonjslayton Moderator, ProFantasy Mapmaker

    The eco-dungeon movement of the late seventies and early eighties never really caught on all that much. The prevalence of clean-dungeon monsters like shriekers, gelatinous cubes, and black puddings seems to have tapered way off these days (or maybe I'm just not reading the right papers). One could also argue that the reason why humanoid monsters tend to raid so frequently is both to get away from the smell and also to find a cleaner hole.

    My people were more fond of kobolds for sewer work as their smaller stature enabled them to better reach the edges of the sewers and their scaly skins made them less susceptible to common skin infections from the septic environment. Their eggs and desire for safe places to keep them also make them a somewhat more controllable population.

    This looks to be a nice and clean dungeon layout. There are some things that could improve the layout a bit and some elements that aren't indicated on the layout, such as the purpose of the diggings. The diggings appear to be a dwelling, possibly repurposed from some preexisting item. The basic facilities might be met via such exciting D&D concepts as a decanter of endless water, murlynd's spoon, and the ever-popular chamberpot of annihilation. Those are high-end items, though, and this looks to be a small operation, so it might be as simple as drinking from the pool of endless potions there in the room before the jail and a small black pudding in the Trap or possibly an outhouse beyond the view of this layout.

  • Thank you for the comments

    "L" does stand for Locked. Next time I will include a symbol cart.

    You have inspired me to make symbols that lock together that brings fresh water in and Loo out. Maybe piping or gullies in the floor and walls.

    The walls are symbols you drop into the wall layer and then cover up the corners with the corner stone. I started with a 5 foot wall and made sure the two end pieces' matched the next symbol, then made a 10', 15', and 20 footer.

    The floor are also symbols you drop on the floor layer.

    I'm also trying to make cave symbols, but at this time they are not working the way I want.

    Thank you for the comments.

  • Don't forget airconditioning and central heating. Kobolds enjoy creature comforts too.

    JimPC.C. CharronEdE
  • I once had a Kobold NPC that classifieid himself a Sewer Executive. When questioned by the PCs as to why he was an Executive, he explained, "Well, I take bucket. I scrape poo off walls into bucket. Full bucket I give to kobold behind and take empty bucket and scrape poo off walls into bucket. When full I give to kobold behind and take empty bucket. This happen until work day finish."

    "How does that make you an executive?" A PC asked.

    "Simple," he said. "I don't take no poo from noone!"

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    Well here is my piping.

    As for Kobold air-conditioning, I imagine a kobold on a exercise bike with a makeshift fan, and another little kobold with a cone directing the air.

    I am having issues with drop shadows causing artifacts when placing symbols of the flat symbols layer.

    Anyone know the reason?

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  • I think you deserve the Hobgoblin Humanitarian Award of 2024 for services rendered to Koboldom, in improving their quality of life with state-of-the-art dungeon plumbing and climate control.

  • Well I'm done with my dungeon style.

    Next is caves.

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