No shadows appearing when using lighting effects

Brief intro and then I'll try to cut to the chase: I picked up CC3+, DD3, CD3, and some additional addons years ago, I believe in a Humble Bundle, but never spent any time learning. I'll be moving away from my TTRPG play group soon and have never had a better time to get stuck into CC and have really been enjoying my time learning it; however, I've been trying to learn lighting effects for dungeons and keep running into a persistent issue that I'm pretty sure is user error but I haven't been able to identify myself.

When I create a light source, and then set the shadows using the Wall Shadow, Point Light Setup sheet effect, I consistently do not get any shadows cast on the map, except those that were expected from the Global Sun.

As a specific example, in the below example (followed along from Ralf's very helpful live mapping session video, the lava pit has a varicolor light source in the middle, with a radius set to extend to the northern set of pillars, and an intensity of 100, on the newly created sheet LIGHTS. When I modify the WALLS sheet (before the LIGHTS sheet) to remove the Wall Shadow, Directional and add the Wall Shadow, Point Light Setup with infinite shadow length, I get the removal of the directional sun shadows, but no other shadows on the map, even after redraw. In the video, the whole dungeon becomes darkened save for the light emitted from the lava pool, but I see truly no identifiable change other than the lack of wall shadows now.

I've tried on a few different maps, following Ralf's very helpful live mapping session videos ( and as well as a fair bit of forum reading and documentation review. I'm stumped. It is totally possible, even likely, that I have somehow just borked this, modified some setting I've forgotten, or corrupted the application somehow through a rapid install of many addons with little knowledge, but if somebody could help me figure out where I've gone wrong or what to address I would greatly appreciate it!

Many thanks in advance!


  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker

    Can you post your FCW file so we can take a look at the map?

  • Yes absolutely, here is the FCW screenshotted above. Thank you!

  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer

    You have a couple of mistakes in your setup.

    1. You don't have a Point Light, Finalize effect (You can put this on your LIGHTS sheet the way things are ordered in that drawing)
    2. You don't have a Point Light, Setup on your SYMBOLS sheet, so the pillars and other symbols doesn't cast shadows

    I also recommend giving the shadows a bit of a blur in the Global Sun settings, otherwise the edge is really sharp.

  • Hey Monsen, thanks for the response! I agree these are issues in the setup for a final form. This FCW is a point in time recreation of that step in the Live Mapping Session, where no Finalize or Setup in the SYMBOLS sheet has been created (22:54 mark In Ralf's example, I believe even without these he gets shadows across the whole map due to walls casting infinite shadows; however, in mine I observe no change when he does. This is the discrepancy I'm unclear about, and while adding a Point Light, Setup to the SYMBOLS sheet or a Finalize effect to the LIGHTS would definitely be beneficial for the map, can you help me understand if they might actually be impacting the difference I'm seeing at this earlier step?

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