WIP - Village of Ravenswood

Ok next puzzle. :)

This is a map of the village that will send the party to the tomb. I am happy with how it is coming along, but am trying to find out how I can soften the edges of the river. It already has the default blur effects applied, but that does not seem to do too much for it. They just seem to sharp and stands out quite a lot.

While we are at it any other glaring ommisions (just looking at it again, I think some of the buildings are probably too big for what they are)! :)

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  • Have you tried a glow effect for the river? I have seen that used in some of the annuals. My guess is an inner glow that is a close blue to the water and an outer glow that is close to the green of the land. You don't want a perfect match.

    You could also try an edge fade to see if you like that.

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    Thanks Julian, sorry I meant it has the default glow effects already applied (one blue and the other green for inner and outer). :) Ill play around with them a bit and see if it helps.

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    That actually works nicely, thank you @JulianDracos . :) played around and added edge fade as well:

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    I think It's a great map :)

    I would say the buildings are about the right size. If you think about it most of those people will have a workshop as well as living space. The only one I would be slightly concerned about is the baker. His house is thatched, and also the blacksmith for the same reason.

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    Thanks Sue. :) The baker is intentionally a little smaller than the others, as only the Baker and his wife live there, and the little hovel out the back is the bakery.

    So this is now final, following my challenges with the smoke and the bushes. Some of the bushes are still out of whack, but not going to worry about them now, as I doubt the players will even see them. I might go back and try to fix them u plater. :)

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    Love it - found im running a game tomorrow so I am going to use this, needs a couple of minor tweaks for my guys - but will just skip over that bit and see if the players notice

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