Fuchswald Memorial

Bauhaus logo "relief" in the ground in Harper Street Gardens. Scenery from the founding of Fuchswald Schlucht is carved along its stone walls.

A single tree stands at the centre of the cogwheel; the only plant in the park which still adheres to the seasons.

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  • @Lillhans I really like the look of your hand-drawn style. It has a natural elegance to it. I would love to learn how you do it. I know you've given brief explanations before here in the forum, but when I tried to duplicate what I thought you had said, I just couldn't get it to work.

    Would you please make some kind of tutorial, written down here or perhaps put it in a you-tube video, where you explain each step in detail. For example, are you using a mouse or a tablet to draw the lines? What specific tools are you working with? I think you mentioned a closed polygon with a degree of fractalization, but I couldn't figure out how to make that into a line in CC3+ without looking like a mess.

    Any help you would care to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Thank you for the feedback @Elfling!

    This would make the third request for a bit of a thought-process guide in fairly short time (and by short, I mean of course months 😀).

    A manuscript (only very slightly different focus) was in the making already but seeing as I am prone to perpetual revision syndrome, making a video might be preferable.

    The only real downside is that it would be potato-grade quality: my current hardware situation is a $350 model 2019 burner laptop and smartphone headset...

    Good questions for the guide in the above, from Elfling: if anyone else wants to know other "how", I guess this is as good a spot as any for requests.

  • I do want to see more about "how" 😊! And I also really like your style! 🙂

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    Make sure to talk to @Ralf , I am sure he would love to have this as an article on the official blog, he's always looking for good material. I think this will fit neatly.

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  • I'm not saying it's the Holy Grail of articles on fake hand-drawing in CC3 - but 13 pages in: we get the Schnaps Goblet of Doom!

  • @Lillhans I like the goblet. It does look like how I imagined the Holy Grail to look. A carpenter's cup and not a king's chalice. But am I right in thinking you're thirteen pages into a tutorial of some kind? One that might reveal to the world the secrets behind your "fake hand-drawing" style. That would be sweet. Any idea when we might expect . . . hope . . . for a completion of that project? And should we look for it here or on another platform?

  • Very much taking its cues from The Last Crusade, for sure :)

    Sections on lines and colour fields are complete and other than a sample map - and an accompanying write-up of the stages of its completion - the draft is pretty much ready to be sent to the powers that be.

  • @Lillhans Ooh. Looking forward to it. (Rubbing my hands together in anticipation already.) Thank you so much for imparting a little of your expertise to the rest of us.

  • @Lillhans Thank you, Anders. I just found your tutorial on the Profantasy community page for your faux handwritten style. Much appreciated. I haven't done any tinkering with creating styles on my own before or set up any drawing tools to speak of. I'll need to take it slowly to ingest what you have documented there and do a little experimenting.

    Vielen dank.

  • Anders, thanks so much for that tutorial - you are a champ

  • Thank you @Elfling and @Quenten.

    Having spent an unhealthy amount of time with just the very basic iterations of Drawing Tool options and default tools, I certainly have gained an appreciation for how even the most basic style packages can be perceived as a bit intimidating.

    10 different road tools and as many field tools and also variations of those other things and so on and so forth will get you a sizeable tool library. And while that makes for an excellent display of options, it's also makes for a bit of a false sensation of navigating a porcelain store - especially when paired with intricate sheet effect considerations of set style.

    The best tutorial video out there, in my opinion, with regards to deconstructing the custom tool is one Sweeney did on battle maps. I can't find it now, but he essentially designs from the ground up - using only rudimentary shapes which he then gradually alters the properties of to get his dungeon room. I.e. the simple red line gets the wall texture fill of the style etc.

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    Is this the video you were thinking of? The room gets drawn out as red lines first.

    It's the first of a three part series by Joe, the next two add more details to the same room.
    I didn't realise quite how many tutorial videos Joe had made. I watched the first couple of sets and subbed to his channel, but then had one of my periods where I didn't do much mapping and never caught up.
  • That would be the one, @Raiko. My search queries has been somewhat off beat lately. 🥴

  • Great tutorial on the blog! I would love to see you do a guest livemapping YouTube. Any chance, @Ralf ?

  • Thank you for the vote of confidence 😆

    In all seriousness, however, there are some issues with the suggestion.

    The biggest is that I simply lack the facilities for worthwhile live-streaming. With pre-recorded, I can always adjust for intolerable dips of sound quality by overdubbing (at least I think the laptop's built-in video editor allows for it).

  • Prerecord would be great as well. I'd love to see the process in action, and I'm sure others would too!

  • @Lillhans Here here! I would concur with @OverCriticalHit . I've tinkered around with the info from the pdf tutorial, with some mixed success. A video tutorial would certainly help to point out where I'm going wrong. Or what I might be doing right, for that matter. Not everyone has Ralf's unflappable demeanor on camera, so pre-recorded would certainly be fine by me.

  • That's awesome, @Elfling; do show and tell!

    I think for a video, geometry is probably the best topic!

    @Monsen would insist that it's not really a map, of course. Which kind of makes me want to put continents on it. An entire world sitting in a corner of a box is probably one of the cooler takeaways from the Men in Black series.

  • Map or not, I would love to see a video of you doing this beautiful gem study. If you're working on it, very much looking forward to it!

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