Free City of Greyhawk Shacktown

Working on a map of the Free City of Greyhawk based on Denis Tetreault's awesome map from the Living Greyhawk Journal. I'm hoping to use the map in a module for an AD&D 2E urban campaign I'm hoping to get off the ground with Fantasy Grounds. I've worked with CC2 in the past and made some maps in the style of Mappa Harnica, but this is my first foray into CC3+. This is a portion of the map I'm working on. Once it's complete I'll give it a title. It's called Shacktown, a slum area to the North of the walled city of Greyhawk. I'm using the CD3 Bitmap B symbols (mostly). Couple of things I'm struggling with. The marsh area & beach don't really jibe with the rest of the map, but there aren't really any symbol or fills I could find that match up well. The green & yellow dwelling are thatch and reed roofs, the rest is supposed to be just rough wood roughing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks - Anthony


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