Winter Mapping Challenge - Snow and Ice

Well, winter has arrived (in my part of the world at least), so I was thinking it was time to get inspired by that annual white horror.

So, with Christmas coming up, being the busy time of the year for many people, I am thinking we make this a two-month challenge, having it run from now and until the end of January.

The challenge is simple, make a winter-themed map. This can be a dungeon, village, city, overland or any other map type you can envision, the only requirement is that it is winter-themed in some way.

As usual, this contest will be linked to the community atlas. You should identify some location within the atlas you can map, and use that for the contest. As always, you don't have to submit your map to the atlas even if you participate in this challenge, we are only using the atlas as a setting for the challenge, but as always, we are grateful for anyone who do wish to participate in the atlas by submitting their map. For anyone planning to submit their final map to the atlas, you should register your claim with me before starting as usual, to ensure multiple people won't be working on the same location, as well as ensure you meet the atlas guidelines.

When picking a location in the atlas, please make sure it is a location where a wintry map would make sense. Doesn't have to be a location of eternal winter, but it should be a place where the location would look like your map for at least part of the year (i.e. in winter season).

Some suggestions:
- A snowy village
- An overland map covering the southern coast of Ezrute
- The snow-tower of the Ice Wizard
- An ice-level for our megadungeon below The Temple of the Unholy (See the previous Megadungeon Challenge for details)

For anyone participating, please post your intention here. I encourage everyone who participates to have a WIP thread for their map to show off their progress. If you make one, please link to it from your post here.

Hoping to see many people participating. The atlas now contain 373 maps, and I would love to see this number reach 400 before the 3-year anniversary in february.


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