This is a world map I've been working on for a little while now. I started it as a map for an RPG campaign; that campaign may never come to fruition, but I like the way the map is turning out.

I just can't decide whether or not it's finished. Sometimes when I look at it it seems complete to me, but then I look at it again and wonder about adding something. So I thought I'd post it up here for comments and advice.

This map was done mostly with the Ancient Realms annual style, with a little tweaking of colors and sheet effects.

The posted pic links to a full size Imgur post for a little more zoom-ability.



  • Lovely world. Doesn't look like Ancient Realms style though. Whatever, the style and map are really good. Just a thought - what about filling the empty ocean with some island chains - even the Pacific ocean has plenty of small island groups - Fiji, Tonga, Solomons, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Tahiti, Hawaii, Samoa, Galapagos etc, as well as isolated islands - Easter Island, Pitcairn, Chatham Island, Nauru, Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island etc. Even New Zealand. Perhaps you may get some inspiration from these tropical and temperate islands.
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    Very pretty colours and effects. Nicely done :)
  • I really love the cloud like effect you used for the ocean. The overall soft colors give this an almost dream-like look. Beautiful!
  • Very nice tweaks - nice map! :)
  • I really like the palette on this one. Nice map!
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    Thank you all! I'm a touch color-blind, so I wondered if the effects that appeal to me in this map would look as good to others :).

    Quenten, I know I started with Ancient Realms but to be honest I'm not very good at keeping notes about how I got certain effects. I just tinker around until it seems "right," and in this case I have no idea what all I changed. A lot, I guess, since it doesn't even look like Ancient Realms anymore :). I appreciate the suggestion of adding some islands! I was so focused on the bit of the world where I intended the game to take place I got a little lazy about the rest. I'll see what a sprinkling of islands a little farther out into the Lethal Deeps does for the feel.

    I've been reading a bit on the forums about getting the right level of detail in a world map, so I tried to keep this one pretty minimal and focus on symbols representing large areas rather than individual objects - does the map need anything else at this level, or should I stick to continental and area maps for more detail?
  • Major rivers, perhaps continental and ocean names, but not much else. This is great, and I see it getting greater. Your palette is just gorgeous. What is your secret?
  • Thank you! I have no idea what my secret is - or even that I have one :). I'll attach the .fcw file so you can look at colors, symbols, effects, etc. but mostly it was just trial and error. The cloud effect is just a .png put on its own sheet and set to a low opacity. I'll take it out of the file I attach so it won't show up as a giant red X.

    The continental names are those in the largest font (Woldura, Theric, Bar-Yochai and Gwenyd).

    I do need to figure out how to make the rivers show up better; they're there, but every time I try to make them stand out so that they're more visible they really stand out. To the point that they become distracting and take away from the "pretty" factor.
  • Thank you for the FCW. I will indeed study it carefully, and use some of your techniques. you have really grabbed me with this map.
  • Quenten, you are very welcome. And I'm flattered!
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    I've been doing some reading and learning over on the website, particularly Sue Daniel's blog about oceans, and then looked at this map and decided that it didn't really feel finished. While I didn't want to do too much to it that would change the tone, it did seem like it needed something. A compass rose, some rhumb lines and a sea serpent have, I think, given it the finishing touches it needed. I also did a little work on the ocean labeling, putting Sue's excellent suggestions about "blend mode" to use.

    I also decided that this should be a map of the known world, from the perspective of the current inhabitants. The sea between the major continents is perpetually concealed by mist and fog, and the island-continent central to the world is magically concealed from all. And no one sails or otherwise travels much outside the coastal waters to the east and west - the Lethal Deeps are truly lethal.

    So, all that said - this is the completed project.

    LoopysueRicko Hasche
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    It looks great :)

    So pleased you found my blog useful!
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    Apologies for the necro - I didn't want to start a whole new thread for what's really just a refining of an old map.

    I decided to circle back around to this map and do a little more work. When I "spun it out" as a globe, I realized that while I wanted "The Lethal Deeps" to be vast, I didn't want them quite as large as I had them. I decided to make my land masses a bit larger, add a couple of island groups into the deeps, and to put an ice cap on the southern pole.

    I've also fleshed out the continents and oceans with a some names.

    I'd love to also post the spinning globe here - is it possible to post animated GIF files?

    Larger versions in my gallery.

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  • Thank you, Ricko. High praise!

    Ricko Hasche
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