The Land

In 1987 my husband started his campaign world with this half finished map. It remains unfinished to this day despite the fact that we've played in the world for many, many years. He finally admitted that he would probably never finish it and asked if I would make it digital and help him finish it.

Each color in the original version represented both an elevation and a terrain type so I intend to keep to his original design. He is directing and approving each fill style as I go so this is a joint project. His vision, my implementation.


  • Oh Shessar! That's really pretty - both the old map and the new one :)
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    Great start.

    I do really like the old original. If I could make maps like that, maybe I'd never have found CC2 :)
  • We are all so grateful then, that you reckon you are no good at hand-drawing maps - though secretly, I bet you are.
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    I just love that you and your husband play together..... #RelationshipGoals

    Oh....and the map is coming along wonderfully...looking forward to your progress.
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  • I was actually able to spend some time mapping yesterday and since our gaming group is hoping that I get this map finished by mid January when my husband takes over as DM, I decided to dedicate my time to it rather than jumping around from map to map like I usually do. So many maps to map, so little time.

    Everyone's kind comments about the original map made my husbands day. He says thanks!

    @Lorelei - Our kids and their wives game with us now too. The family that games together stays together? :D

    Anyway, here's the map as it is so far. I've just started adding snow caps to the mountains and breaking up the edges of the lowland forest. It still has a way to go before being finished, but it's coming along nicely.
  • That's a work of art, Shessar!
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    Posted By: ShessarThe family that games together stays together?
    Don't get into a fight about the division of the magical treasure :)

    Map is looking lovely.
  • That is coming along very nicely!

    Although I think 'The Land' is already taken. Maybe Shessaria? Shessarilonica? Shessanada? Shessanadu? (the dream.. that came through a million years..)
  • "The Land" was the name of the setting for Stephen R. Donaldson's Thomas Covenant series. It wouldn't surprise me if even people who have read them have blocked the memory, though they're not as depressing to read as his Gap series is.
  • Shessar! Awesome stuff! Glad you're still mapping :P
  • Thanks for the comments and compliments!

    TheHawk, Shessar is the name of a Drow Matron who is a major adversary in my campaign world (and also a character that I played on a drow message board roleplay game back around 2000) so related names aren't quite appropriate for my husband's campaign world. ;)

    Taustinoc, yes, that's it! We started this campaign right about the time that Donaldson began the second Covenant trilogy in the early 80's. Husband didn't have a name for this 'land' yet so we players just started calling it The Land and it's been that ever since. It's really set late in the 4th age of middle earth after a great cataclysm warped the earth. Now darkness is again rising in the east. It's why the eastern half of the map was never developed. We, the players have never been there, but have been fighting off the incursions of enemy war bands and armies. Yep, for 30+ years we have played in this small area of map. You don't travel very far when you're on foot most of the time. :D
  • Goodness! You must have already mapped this whole piece out at dungeon scale over all that time.
  • Gorgeous map, Shessar!
  • Thanks Maidhc! Glad you like it.
    Posted By: LoopysueGoodness! You must have already mapped this whole piece out at dungeon scale over all that time.
    Yes, and all of his maps, from city and town tactical maps to ruins and tombs from past ages have been hand drawn. This is the first and likely only map of his that will be made using computer software.

    I love his maps so have to share just a few of them. Forgive the quality, I just took the pictures with my phone.
  • Wow!

    Maybe he missed his true vocation? People pay for plans like these.

    (And now I'm wondering if your hubby could be persuaded to learn how to create a few new CC3 styles!)
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  • Well, I'm as finished with this one as I can be without further input from the DM so I'll call this finished for now. Time to move on to the snow and ice competition...
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    That is just superbly beautiful, Shessar! :D

    I look forward to seeing the settlements and roads and all the other little details.
  • Wowee! Love the mountains, Shessar
  • MedioMedio Traveler
    Awesome in many ways, congratulations Shessar!

    Im on the contrary, been fascinated by the forests. Actually if i ever have time to creat maps again, such forests will inspire me to create mines. Thanks!
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    This looks wonderful. Truly a great conversion of your husbands old map.
  • BEAUTIFULLY done!! Brava, Shessar
  • Thanks everyone, glad you like! My husband is really happy with it and we'll eventually add more details. For now though, he is up as DM starting tonight, so the map will stand as is is until a later date when he has time to define what he wants added next.

    I have made a new year resolution to spend an hour a day mapping. I'm finally committed to work on the competition map and finishing the atlas maps that I've been putting aside for far too long.
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  • These are fantastic. Great work from both you and your husband.
  • that's looking really good! How are you able to do the mountains like that? I've seen others do something similar, but I don't know how it's done. It looks like a beveling affect, and I tried something like that a few years ago, but mine don't look anywhere near that good.
  • BTW, I loved the Donaldson Covenant series; not the Gap though
  • Good to see that you're mapping again Storm!

    The mountains were done using three sheets: Lighted bevel, edge fade, glow, and HSL effects on the Dry Hills fills from CA62 for the two mountain sheets and The Wastes fill from from CA75 for the snow sheet. So two mountain sheets and one snow sheet. I also uses the color key effect for the northern lake and the central deep valley.

    Glad you like. :)
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  • Eight months later and I've finally finished this one, though it isn't my fault that it took that long. My husband was slow in sketching out the undeveloped parts of the map.
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    Looking great. I just love the visual aesthetic.

    I feel the text is a bit hard to read at this size, but I assume you'll mainly be using the map in a bit larger size than this.
  • Oh Shessar....this is just flipping lovely. I love this look of this so much!!!
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    Thanks! I'll confess that I'm really pleased with how this turned out. It was truly a joint effort with his artistic vision combined with my CC3+ experience, but I feel that I really captured the image of his world with this.

    Remy, I think that I agree that the text is a bit small. Yes, we can read it when it's on the 42 inch TV that we use for map display, but I realize now that it would look better if the text was a bit larger. Thanks for that suggestion!
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