CC3+ Scaling Problems in High Resolution Displays

Forgive me if this issue is either talked to death or is solved and I just can't find the answer -- I'm new to the software and the forum and tried to do a search for the topic, but only came-up with a couple very old references, and neither of those presented a solution.

I have CC3+ installed on a Surface Pro 6, and I attach to an external monitor for desktop use. The external monitor has a resolution of I think 2560 X 1440, and the Surface Pro's native display is even higher at, I think, 2736 X 1824. When I first opened the software I was not on the external display -- the menu selections and tool items were so tiny that the software was essentially unusable. I'm not sure what happened in the interim, but all I can recall now is that I opened it again at some point and things seemed to have adjusted to the point of it being okay to use. I want to use it while attached to my external display, however, and when I do so, all the icons and text elements of the software are now absolutely massive, to the point I'm having the exact opposite problem -- the software is right on the borderline of being unusable due to the effect. In some cases, various dialog boxes, etc., have their graphic elements mangled by the scaling effects to the point where they really can't be effectively used.

This is the only piece of software I run which shows behavior anything at all like this, and I'm perplexed. I've hunted around just a little bit for some sort of obvious setting but so far no luck. I'm rather disappointed, as I really do want to use the software. I can't be the only one with this issue, after all, displays with well over 2000 resolution in the horizontal direction are not at all uncommon these days.



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    Windows can be a bit weird when it comes to high resolution displays and scaling. I have a laptop with a 4K screen at work, and even Microsofts own apps, like Office messes up the size when I take the thing out/in of the dock, thus connecting/disconnecting external screens.

    There are two important things here:

    - The resolution/scaling set at login. Not all programs can adapt to changes in display scaling set after you login, even if those programs are started after you changed scaling. So when all displays you are going to use are connected, set the desired display scaling, then log out and back in before starting to use CC3+.

    - I believe CC3+ adhere to the display scaling of your primary display even when shown on a secondary display, so if the surface screen is set to 200% zoom, CC3+ will use that even on the external monitor. So, set the surface screen to 100% (even if things are tiny there then), and then do the logout/login as described above.

    These things are of course both workarounds, but these have helped me use a lot of software correctly on high-res displays, not only CC3+. Note that this problem is most noticeable when using setups with vary different screen DPI (so Windows want to set a different scaling setting on both), as well as scenarios where different displays are being connected/disconnected when you are logged in. On my home computer, I have 3 screens, two of which are 2560x1440 but I don't see any problems at all there because everything remains constantly set on the same setting all the time. Also use it without issue on my Surface 4 (Same resolution as your 6), but again, in a constant environment without connecting that extra screen.
  • Thanks for this information.

    It's interesting that I thought that I had gone through the steps recommended, before, to no avail. I went through the full restart option, again, however, after connecting to the external monitor, and that does seem to be the "fix" for this particular issue.

    A bit of an annoyance, but not a tremendously big deal.

    Another interesting facet of this is that I now noticed the very same thing happening with -- of all things -- the Microsoft App store.

    At any rate, I think I have everything figured-out, now, and it seems to be working well enough. Thanks again for the help.
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    Posted By: mykohlI went through the full restart option, again
    You shouldn't need to do a complete restart, simply logging out and back in again should suffice.

    Glad you ended up with a workable, if not perfect, solution though. Happy mapping.
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    Thank you

    Exactly the answer I was looking for and found it immediately.

    Fixed my Notepad++ too.

    And yes, it seems like only the primary monitor matters.

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