The only fantasy world map you will ever need - redo - WIP

A few years back, I came across a map that a EoTBeholder on DeviantArt made for their games. It included many fantasy tropes.

I've always wanted to throw it into CC3+ and detail it out for my own use and felt that today was the day. I started the map using CA28 Fantasy Worlds, as this should be a world map that has just some detail. More specific area maps can be made from this. I'm going to change the names of the areas to be less tongue-in-cheek.

My first decision was to make the area large, so I made it 4000x3200 units. I also don't want the landmasses to go off the edges (which, itself, is a fantasy trope). With that in mind I made the image smaller than the map by a bit and closed off the landmass.

This is the rough trace from the original.


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