Old City Block (FRAtlas time)

Hi all... after a long absence...

When working on the FR Atlas and before CC3, there was a Script for creating City Blocks/Streets. Unlike the Street Command, you could get random-ish Blocks created. It did not have the House Styles and other settings, but was useful for a quick and dirty city block or map.

Does anyone know if that is available somewhere... or remember the name? I may actually still have it in my Archives.


  • Do you perhaps mean the old city geomorphs? They're not random, as you have to place them yourself, but they do create something like what you've described. They no longer seem to be packaged with either the CD versions for CC3 or CC3+, but from the Forum topics I've located here, it's clear they once were, survivors from CC2. The latest topics noting their location among the available CD3 symbols seem to have been written in or about 2010. The symbols definitely aren't in those locations now though.

    This is the most recent topic discussing the city geomorphs I think. The final posting there by illuminatispy mentioned a city constructed using (some of?) them, with a link to the map among the Map & Catalog Library entries on the ProFantasy site. This is the direct link to the same place. It's a city called Quizigar by David E Howerton, and is almost 15 years old now.

    Intriguingly, I discovered on downloading and checking the Quizigar FCW file, that the symbols used in the map are still available in CC3+ - they don't appear as the infamous red Xs. That suggests they must still be available somewhere in the program (unless this is one of those surviving early CC oddities which embedded vector symbols into the map itself?).
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    Posted By: Wyvernunless this is one of those surviving early CC oddities which embedded vector symbols into the map itself?
    They are. Vector symbols are always embedded in the map no matter what CC version you are using, but older versions didn't have raster symbols at all, they only had access to vector symbols. Back in those days, red X'es wasn't a thing, and you could always open any map even if you didn't have the add-on it was made in.
  • 5 years later
  • Sorry... Life has been getting in the way...

    The script was one released by Profantasy to do streets... it was not released in any of the versions or packs... it was released as a stand alone. It was provided around the time of the FR Atlas creation. This is from CC2 days.... before CC3

    I recall the file being called just Street and would make angular buildings when turning corners, etc...

  • The old city geomorphs were for the Lankhmar setting.

    I have never heard of this. Was this street view maps? Like the ones for Waterdeep? Where it was a selection of like 10 buildings or so? But I am sure none of those were random. The whole map was generated as a whole and the street level views were true to that??!?!

    Was it something they used when they were creating the whole FRIA?

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