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I have decided to do a district of Torstan, using Annual Deluxe Battlemap, as in Annual 131 (Village Battlemaps). Here is not much more than the copy and paste from the Torstan map. Any helpful advice very welcome.


  • Only two suggestions (for now) OK, three

    1) Widen overlay on the street on the left, hard to read what the road name is.
    2) Change Medical Dr to something like "Chirurgeon." Medical Dr just clashes
    3) if the walled enclaves are villas, add some greenery around them and add some gates.
  • Thanks Jerry - I was going to do No 2 and 3 anyway - the names are so I don't forget; but I hadn't considered No 1, so consider it fixed.
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    I needed a break from doing city maps, overland maps and even dungeon and building maps ......... so here is the updated version of a city district map. :)
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    It´s turning great!
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    Virtually finished - hope to submit it to the Atlas in a few days. Comments and criticisms please
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    The map looks great, Quenten :)

    I only have one suggestion. How about making the map a lot larger, and putting all the legend stuff at the bottom with a little less space around each column?
  • Fair comment
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    To be honest, I am not fond of putting a complete legend like this on the map. A legend is nice for identifying important places, but when you label everything, useful information just drowns. I recommend putting the legend in a map note instead, and only show the special locations in the on-map legend. This helps keep the map itself in focus.
  • I'll cogitate on that. Useful comment
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    Here is the updated Holy Head district, with and without Index (which can be toggled on and off). Just Inns and important buildings marked on non-indexed map. There will be a full description of the district in the map Notes. Comments please. As you can see, I really do take notice of your critiques - thanks Monsen and Sue
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    Much nicer.
  • That was quick. Ready for submission in a day or two (mainly for adding chimneys and Map Notes).
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    That's much better :)
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    The map is finished at last, with all the details. I am halfway through writing up the key, then off to the Atlas. I have added the FCW as well, so you can view the map better. As always, critical comments welcome.
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    Bravo, Quenten!

    Congratulations :D
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    Looking good, but the scalebar is weird. It looks much better when put in a corner (when one is available), besides, there is also a grey "shadow" scalebar below the white one.
  • Thanks for noticing that, Remy. Fixed it.
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    I didn't notice the scalebar. But I think that might be because I was raised looking at different maps, where a scale bar is good in any space along the bottom edge :)
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    This is a sample of the write up for the district, with a small vignette of each dwelling's inhabitant(s), to give a taste for life in this district, and a few political/social intrigues for the player.

    1. Lelwelyth Onn's Mansion (assassin HQ) – Sirrah Lelwelyth is an elf of culture and distinction, welcome in all higher levels of society. He is, in fact, head of the ultra-secretive Redheaded League, an Assassin and Spy Guild, with ties to the Crown (though private contract work is the source of the league’s work. The mansion is very tastefully furnished, but has many underground training rooms, arsenals and the like, with entrances to the underground sewers and even lower.
    2. Master Aderyn pen Jevon's Villa – A wealthy merchant who owns quite a few commercial properties in Torstan, and also runs a commercial trading caravan company.
    3. Sir Glynis Boumphrey's Townhouse – Sir Glynis hides behind the image of an absent-minded old gentleman, but is in fact of keen intellect, an amateur astronomer (with telescopes in hids high ‘tower’) and consultant to the Crown on matters of natural philosophy.
    4. Isell pen Thomas' House (chief Spy) – Head of the crown’s official ‘security’ service, SS007; a very effective information gathering service, which Sirrah Isell sometimes uses for personal as well as State ‘leverage’ (blackmail).
    5. Mordryd Heilin's 'cottage' – a minor, but socially influential ‘dandy’, who is often the leader in fashion, and honoured guest at the Assembly Rooms. He is quite opinionated on trivial matters, but eschews gossip. A charming bachelor who enjoys female company.
    6. Guildmaster Hafren pen Eddow's House – Sirrah Eddow is the corpulent, pleasure-loving Guildmaster of the Clothiers and Drapers Guild. He has a plain but wealthy wife, and several young and beautiful mistresses, one of whom is a servant in his own mansion.
    7. Principal Rhiannon Blethin's House – Principal of the premier school in Torstan. Mistress Rhiannon is a stern but mostly fair headmistress, though she does have some favourites (and is rumoured to have one or two very attractive female students as lovers).
    8. Tangwystl pen Beynam's House – Sirrah Beynam’s wealth derives from his ownership of many buildings in Torstan – including some shops in Harrow Street, and two of the large housing apartments in the East Ward District. He is ostentatious, and values fine ceramics of which he has a large collection.
    9. Lady Mairwen Kyffin's Chamber – Widowed Lady Mairwen is quite the richest woman in Torstan. This Chamberhouse is but one of her dwellings, as she also has an estate further out from the city and a seaside ‘cottage’ on the coast. She is one of the three mesdames who rule the Assembly events with an iron hand.
    10. Enid pen Grunnah's House – Madame Enid is the second of the ruling trio of ‘harridans’ of the Assembly, and a great stickler for social niceties. She is part owner and part-time instructor of the St Cei’s Ladies’ Finishing College (see 27.)
    11. Maelona pen Drych's House – the third of the Assembly triad. Miss Maelona seems a kindly matron, but is equally as condemnatory of any social breach of manners, morals or decorum as the other two. She has never married, but has a fine estate outside the city, and is a patron of the arts. She is the other owner of St Cei’s Ladies Finishing College (see 27.)
    12. Chirugeon Elundel Boswannick's Villa & Practice – a severe, tall and thin man, who treats the wealthy of Torstan, with a miscellany of phlebotomies, poultices, home-mixed ‘medicines’, elixirs and his own brand of clerical ‘Cure’ magic incantations. Needless to say, he is also very adept at dealing with his high-class ladies with many hysterical & hypochondriac symptoms, which he encourages, collecting high fees for his services.
    13. Morvith pen Griffiths' House – a wealthy merchant with fingers in many pies – real estate, shipping and road transport, and especially spices. He loves his food, and often eats out, especially at Gwalchmai’s (see 26.) He has a large family by his first deceased wife, and a beautiful xxx second wife.
    14. Garin pen Aled's House – Master Garin is a highly successful lawyer, who specializes in ecclesiastical cases. He is a patron of the arts, and donates generously to Helstan’s Art Gallery (see 36.)
    15. Kenyr Gooch's House (accountant) – Mr Gooch is a meticulous accountant of the highest reputation (but secretly not above dipping into his clients’ trust funds). He is an expert on Taxation Law, and is of great service to the rich and powerful.
    16. St Cei's Basilica School – this is the finest and most privileged school in Torstan. It provides the choristers and altar boys for the cathedra of St Cei, and gives its pupils a rigorous education in Rhetoric, Theology, History, Astrology, and the Natural Sciences in particular. Some of the teachers live in rooms on the top floor of the school.
    17. Lord Gwanon pen Bellis' Mansion – the townhouse of the Earl of Danmoor. Lord pen Bellis is a 35 year old, darkly handsome and very desirable match for the many ladies seeking his company at the Assembly rooms. Despite his somewhat raffish behaviour (especially with racing, cards and reputed dalliances with not so ‘acceptable’ maidens, he is nevertheless welcomed into the Assembly as the greatest drawcard.
    18. Dame Gweneth pen Price's Villa – Dame Gweneth is a retired actress and singer who was raised to the privelges class by the King who was enamoured of her. She is not totally accepted into society (and definitely not the Assembly Rooms) but enjoys taunting her ‘betters’ – even living here, in an absolutely exquisitely tasteful house is enough to stiffen the backs of those who look down on her.
    19. Bishop's Court (Archbishop Elwen Hamrin) – a very lavishly appointed dwelling for the Archbishop of Torstan, who is also always the Primate of Ruma Helrevy. The current incumbent, Right Reverend Hamrin is a very charismatic man, though some doubt his commitment to the tenets of the religion he preaches. He provides fabulous feasts for those privileged enough to obtain an invitation, and he and his wife, and three daughters are regular visitors at the Assembly rooms. His eldest, Morwenna, has set her cap at Lord pen Bellis (see 17.), with her father’s blessing.
    20. Choirmaster Gwenfaen ap Fychan's House – this pious and talented musician and composer, with a large family of 12 children, is the Head of Music at the Cathedra and Master at St Cei’s school. He nevertheless is actually quite poor, despite his income, due to the demands of his children and third wife. Alas, childbirth did for the previous two.
    21. Madam Angharad Steffyns' Residence – Madam Angharad lives only with her servants, and is a recluse, ever since she was jilted at the altar 26 years ago. Some say her banquet hall remains in the state it was for her aborted wedding day, decaying each year. She certainly has been seen wearing her now frayed wedding dress. She has recently taken a female ward, and recent graduate from the Finishing School, Eswenna, whom she is training as her revenge on men.
    22. Guenneret Bosstan, Engraver and Illuminator to the Discerning – Master Bosstan is one of the finest craftman in the country, and his works adorn almost every noble and wealthy house in the realm. He is a very pious man, and does a lot of ex gratis work for the Church. He is often a guest of the Archbishop, though he secretly doubts the Archbishop’s piety.
    23. Lady Almedha Bellis' Assembly Rooms – these Assembly Rooms are where the members of High Society hold their balls, and social gatherings, under the gimlet-eyed trio of Lady Mairwen (see 9.), Madame Enid (see 10.) and Miss pen Drych (see 11.) Lady Almedha is the formidable aunt of Lord pen Bellis, but rarely appears here.
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    Here is the version I am turning into Monsen. A much larger description of each building will be added as Map Notes when I have finished them - only 80 buildings to go.

    A larger version is available in my Gallery.

    And here also is a further addition to said Map Notes.

    24.    St Cei’s Library – Head Librarian Brother Guithrit Druwith – a gentle man, and fairly young for such a position. His knowledge of the subjects in the library is truly prodigious – church history, all matters theological, and most of the major philosophers. However, he is known to become exceedingly ferocious if his book filing system. Some would call him obsessive-compulsive about it, to the annoyance of several of his assistants. He is head over heels in love with Rosmerta, daughter of Iudprost Mawstagel, who runs the Scriptorium [see 56]. She is 12 years younger than him, causing him to be too shy to press his case when he calls on her father every week for supplies. This Library is the largest repository of theological and philosophical works in the Kingdom.

    25.    St Cei’s Hostelry – manager Brother Dermot Tregarthen. Brother Dermot has a rather sarcastic side, but runs the hostel efficiently. His daughter, Rosemarela, by his deceased wife, acts as housekeeper, and unknown to her father, has now accumulated quite a monetary stash from her nocturnal activities with the ‘customers’. She does have her cap set at Sir Mordred [see 83], or rather on his monetary assets, though it is an added bonus that he is a very fine figure of a man. She now has him eating out of her hand, and is waiting till her 21st birthday in 18 month’s time, when she can get married without her father’s consent. Brother Dermot regards Sir Mordred as a vain, ill-educated buffoon, (with which Rosemarela agrees with her father), and would never agree to the marriage.

    26.    Gwalchmai's Fine Foods and Coffee Club – A very well patronized coffee cafè, where many of the well-heeled members of society come to show themselves off, and discuss religion, politics and the weather. His best customer is the glutton, Donall pen Strumpiths [see 13] and his head-turning wife, Melanie. Some subversive, and even blasphemous conversations can be heard here – and most come to the attention of the Chief Spy, Sirrah Isell [see 4] who has two members of the serving staff as his informers.

    27.    St Cei’s Ladies Finishing School – this is where certain ‘privileged young ladies are sent by their wealthy parents to learn deportment, manners and ladylike accomplishments (singing, instrument playing, tapestry and painting) along with the arts of conversation and subtle ‘seduction’.

    28.Caddick's Breads & Cakes – Jonllyn Caddick is a harried man– Jonllyn Caddick is a harried man – by his work, by his demanding wife, and by his two wayward children, Rhodri and Tamsin, who have already been cautioned for attempted shoplifting, and are mixed up with a rather disreputable crowd. Despite this, his teacakes and pasties are of top quality.

    29.   Bledwyn Hywel's Fine Armour – This is a small specialty armourer, making mainly helmets and glaives. The workmanship is excellent, and Beldwyn uses his artistic flair to embellish his helmets, He has a happy home life, especially as his children have all left home leaving himself and his wife to enjoy their home above the shop.

    56. Scriptorium Iudprost Mawstagel – Iudprost runs this impressive scriptorium, having achieved a monopoly on supplying the St Cei diocese and its library, thanks to the lobbying of Guithrit Druwith, the Head Librarian of St Cei’s Library [see 24]. Guithrit in his turn is head over heels in love with his very pretty daughter, Rosmerta, but is too bashful to press his suit. Both father (who wants the marriage) and his daughter (who wants to escape her father’s house) are becoming frustrated with Guithrit’s dilly-dallying, and Rosmerta is planning a seduction any moment she can escape her father’s protective attention.

    57. Inkmaker Gwynwallow Truyon -

    58. Residence Iudprost Mawstagel – this is where the Scriptorium proprietor [see 56] lives with his daughter Rosmerta and his household. His son, Osmund, is in line to succeed his father, and acts as supervisor at the Scriptorium. He lives on the third floor with his rather plain dumpy wife (whom he loves to bits) and three preteen children.

    83.Sir Mordred Penwyth's Fighting Academy – Sir Mordred is single, and was very much a ladies’ man, but is now besotted with Rosemarela Tregarthen [see 25], who is more interested in his very considerable material assets than his admittedly very fine (and prodigious, if rumours are to be believed) physical assets. His Academy is the final word in polishing all the swordsman skills required in a gentleman. Commoners need not apply. There is an all male lounge on the third floor, with gaming tables for his clientele – look, the man has to make a living, especially as his father dies bankrupt, and Sir Mordred had to sell everything to survive and by lucky gambling (definitely not cheating, oh dear no) accumulated enough money to buy this building , renovate it and turn into a money maker. Regardless, he is not very well informed, and of moderate intelligence. He is aware that his good looks are important to impress his clientele, and can be perceived as vain. I fact, he is a rather nice man, who enjoys sex whenever offered, which it is often. However, he has so far been faithful to Rosemarela, and likely to remain so – one can only hope it is reciprocated. 

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