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Returning to my first city, Stromphe, and here is the beginning of the second district map, to the immediate east of the Dockside district.


  • Sigh!!! More buildings to map for you .. .. ..
  • I don't know which of you is more of a workaholic!

    Impressive output - both of you!
  • Jerry is the winner on this score - he is too quick for me.

    And yes, Jerry, more buildings for you to map.
  • GThielGThiel Surveyor
    edited September 2018
    Not until I finish the "cellar" of the Lord's Tower on the Outskirts of Aresdice on Megama

    Here is the final map for Aresdice and below it the WIP of the Lord's Tower, still thinking about what is in the cellar

    Just noticed I have shadow issues to resolve on some of the trees :-(
  • Love this map.
  • City or tower?
  • Tree shadows falling on walls defining the tower you mean? Just move the sheets the building is on above all the rest of the others ;)

    Great looking maps! :D
  • WIP the Cellar of the Lord's Tower
  • Ah ha! I think I recognise that spray :P

    This cellar is quite a maze isn't it! I think I'd go nuts looking for all the things I'd put in a safe place.

    Great map, though ;)
  • The Lord was rather peculiar. Not entirely sure what is to be found here, but I do know that Demeter's Spring (area 14) isn't quite what it seems. And I wonder what it has been doing to the inhabitants of Aresdice who use it as their main clean water source .. .. ..
  • That.... REALLY doesn't bear thinking about! Euw! LOL!
  • 6 months later
  • Well, 6 months later, I have made some progress on the Agora district. Many more buildings added, and more to go. Cliffs to redo, and more street features and background fills.
  • 25 days later
  • Another month gone, plus a few more maps - some further progress on the Agora district of Stromphe. Mch work to be done on the cliffs and Keep, plus 'street decoration', as well as the blank spots of the 2nd circle to be done. Helpful comments please
  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 15 images Mapmaker ProFantasy
    Quenten, you're a regular city machine! And each one gets bigger and more complex than the last.

    Keep it up! :D
  • 1 year later
  • After 18 months, I am taking this map up again, hoping to finish it in the next little while (a timespan defined by me). It will be the second city block for Stromphe.

  • Remy, I note this thread has Necro beside it - what does this mean? Sounds very sinister!

  • It just means there has been a long gap since the last comment. I think, now that I've answered this, the Necro label might disappear?

  • But apparently not.

    I really wouldn't worry about it, Quenten. It's clearly a continuation of the same map.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator

    Necro is applied when someone posts after a thread have been dead for more than a year. It serves to tell others that this is a very old thread and just to keep an extra eye out for irregularities, such as spammers, as many love to post on old cases. The necro flag should go away after five or so new posts, indicating that the discussion is active again.

  • I've noticed too that sometimes Necro threads don't come up as highlighted even when a new message has appeared on them, though they do feature in the updated list towards the top of the "Home" page on the Forum. Presumably, that's for a similar reason.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator

    No, that's actually a very different issue (but somewhat also related to time). You may remember the old version of vanilla used whispers embedded in the discussions themselves, a feature not available in this version. But those whispers caused the read counts for those threads to be off when they were removed from the discussion and turned into PM's during the upgrade process to this version of vanilla. It affects all discussions that contained whispers, but it works itself out for active discussions as people continue posting in them.

  • All this has been recorded by the Stromphe Archivist, and filed under "MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION" 😜

  • Unfortunately, I was never able to finish the "cellars." But it is nice to revisit the town and the tower.

  • Man, I had forgotten all about this one. I really like it, and it reminds me of Waterdeep in the old Forgotten Realms City System set.
  • An update - all buildings and laneways added.

    To do:

    1. Street furniture - trees, fountains, wells, parks, gardens, fences, people (named after alumni here, of course).
    2. Decorations around frame
    3. Names of some more buildings
    4. Notes (already underway)

    LoopysueMonsenMaidhc O CasainjmabbottDaltonSpenceCalibre
  • CalibreCalibre Traveler

    Greets, Mr. Quenton

    I love it! By the Gods, that looks like a lot of time and effort, sheer work heh. I can see you've thought about every area and put in intricate details. Awesome 😊

  • Nearly finished. Critical comments welcome. I know cliff shading has to be altered.

  • GThielGThiel Surveyor

    Excellent work as always. Though I might suggest that the paving of the Agora is really huge in scale; those cobblestones must be at least 10 feet/3+ meters across. :-)

  • Yes, I do see that - I might reduce the scale on the bitmap somewhat. Otherwise, invoke the giants who built Tiryns.

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