CD3 incredibly slow redraws... with 10+ buildings

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased CC3 and CD3 and I have been having some peculiar technical issues with CD3. I am hoping that someone here can help.

The issue itself is very simple: redraws take seemingly forever in CD3 after I add any more than a handful of buildings. 15 or so houses can be enough to slow my redraws to several seconds; a street lined with houses can set up redraws of 20+ seconds, which makes making any sort of large city map too time-consuming to even consider. If one street can bump my redraws to 20 seconds, I do not want to guess what a small city would do.

I confess I am confused because my PC should be more than capable of handling CC3 (2.2 ghz x 4 processors, 4 GB ram, GeForce 8800 GT). I am using Windows Vista, however, which probably can't help anything.

Some of the easier solutions I've tried already...
I am not leaving Effects on while I draw my maps.
I have reduced bitmap quality; this helps somewhat, but on "larger" maps the redraw times are still just terrible.
I have disabled shading and those visual effects which slow it down. This helps very slightly. Overall redraw times still really slow.
I saw the other thread on this topic. It looked like the original poster left Effects on while redrawing, however, and I do not have that problem.

I'm pretty baffled, so if you have any clever ideas please let me know. Thank you! Best of luck in your own mapping endeavours.
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