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  • Thanks FarsightX3 & HadrianVI. I only deal DMG to my players. They know it, and fear it. Muahahaha haaa!

    I'm flattered that you, and several other people, have examined my maps in such detail. My Aethir maps took a very long time to create.

    Just over two years ago I created a thread called The Kingdom of Estlond, and posted a couple of maps of the same island kingdom to show how I'd experimented with several different styles over the course of many years to arrive at the final Classic Fantasy design that you see in my world map.

    I really have poured a lot of time into these maps, so I am very grateful to everyone who enjoys them on a deeper level - Thank you. It really does make all the effort very worthwhile, especially when all I get from my players is "Oh, Gaz has made another amazing map - yawn!" They've just become numb to it all.

    The design of the Aethir map itself has been around for even longer, and it didn't begin life as Aethir.

    About eleven years ago I created a campaign setting called "Legend". It was a mythical greek/roman/norse setting where players created characters that were the scions of the gods - like Perseus, Hercules, or Achilles. It was before I owned Campaign Cartorapher, and was inspired after watching the film "300". Back then I was using some art software that was basically MS Paint+ and this is the map that I originally made. It's not a CC map, so I only show it so you see where Aethir was born. Over the next decade, after countless redrawings in many different styles, it grew into what it is today - so I hope you understand that when I say I'm flattered I really mean it, and genuinely appreciate the interest that everyone has shown for something that has been a passion of mine for a long time.

  • As far as Master Mapper awards go...

    I think a titled award should be reinstated. It does inspire people and gives them something to aim for but, like the old MM award, it shouldn't be based on maps alone.

    There are folks on this forum who have contributed for years. Others who give incredible technical advice or tutorials. Still others that help, encourage and inspire, but may not necessarily be the greatest of cartographers - and all are deserving of such an accolade.

    I can imagine it must be a difficult process to choose someone, but wonderful for the person who is rewarded with the title.

    I say bring it back!! :)

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  • I just had to let you know that your maps lured me back into map-making after taking a long break. I actually cracked open the Tome of Ultimate Mapping and the how-to guides of the annuals this weekend.
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  • Go for it WVFaeryWoman! and thank you for the comments. I'm glad my maps inspired you to give CC3+ another outing :)

  • The maps in this thread are amazing, very inspiring. And they definitely get me itching to get some of the annuals as well :)

    So hopefully I'll be anywhere near this good in 10 years too.
  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer
    Superb mapping DMG. This thread is a treasure trove of delights :)
  • Again, thanks for sharing all of these. I'm going to have to study your Shamutantai hills map, I love the perspective on that one.
  • All your maps are incredible, I have to say that they are very inspiring to look at. The Schley style perspective one in particular was just such an interesting use of the style to me, I think I want to give that one a go! It's one of my favorite styles to begin with but the way you have used it here is just wonderful.
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  • Ancient post i know but any chance you have and willing to share this B2 Map in FCW format?

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  • Hey Frosty

    Apologies for the delayed response. The festive season just took me away for some months.

    Here's the FCW file for you 😉


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