Large Format Printing w/ PDFCreator

I'm running a D&D game at a convention this weekend and thought that I'd make use of the poster printer (40" roll fed) on campus to print out nice large maps with no cuts in them. To do so, I first need convert the map to a pdf (as that's the file standard the University printer takes), and have been attempting to do so with PDFCreator. However, every time I pick a large format page in the print settings in CC3, the output pdf is a single blank page of that size. If I print at a smaller size (letter, ledger, etc.) the output file has the map in it, though obviously not the whole thing (as the map was designed with a 40" paper width in mind). Does anyone have any ideas on how I might make this work?


  • Some further info, printing seems to work fine up to an ARCH C paper size (24x18). ARCH D (36x24) and ARCH E (48x36, a close match for what I need in this series) don't work.

    In the A series, I can print up to A2. A1 and A0 (the closest match to a 40" width) don't work.

    Using custom page sizes, I see that the limit appears to be area related. I can get a 40" wide print out, but only up to about 13" tall (I need 28"). If I reduce the width to 30", then the max height goes up to 18". These two sizes are fairly close in area (520 sq in, and 540 sq in) so I'm guessing that if I played around with incrementing the page size in units smaller than a full inch, I'd max out at the same printed area on both widths.
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