FT Multiple File Output to CC and other thoughts

Has anyone else come across this one. I exported a portion of an FT world as multiple files to use in CC3, converting each one from CC2 to CC3 as I filled in the details. I had the navigation hyperlinks arrows enabled and on most files this worked fine opening each adjacent file as intended.

But only on most files, on some the program would crash with no error generated. I had also run off a second export from FT as a backup with jpg's also produced. The same map segements caused the same crash.

Looking at the jpg images showed that the offending map sections (those I've checked so far that is) were all ocean and did not appear to have any contours in the image (this is based solely on the ocean colour though as I could not check the fcw file for these sections due to the aforementioned crashes)

Has anyone else come across this? If it just contourless water thats the problem it is easy enough to replace the sections with manual inserted map files. If it is something else who knows?

Other interesting things with multiple file export to CC that people may want to bear in mind before doing them

the resulting fcw files have a significant overlap whether or not this feature was selected in the FT export dialogue

for multiple file export the map on which the export is based is NOT the same as the one displayed on the screen should you select that option but one based on a significantly smaller scale. (You may need to run the export several times checking your smallest maps to make sure you get the entire region you are after.) I had to set the screen to display most of a world in order to get a large continent to be fully exported for example the scale to show just the continent on the screen was 0.2434 which was then selected as the basis for the multiple file output. However to get the continent actually to be exported to fcw files as a mutliple file output the scale had to be changed to 0.5.

The adjacent files will not connect seemlessly even allowing for the overlap (I think this is likely because of the fractalisaion differences across the exported segments). I'd be surprised if anything can be done about this.

If exporting rivers as part of the export (multile or single map in this case) use them as a guide only as something totally ties many of them in knots which can take longer to tidy up than draw new ones. This is not including the known problem of rivers suddenly shooting lines out if they cross certain latitudes. (The bit map overlay if generated can be used as the basis of a really big png symbol which can be placed and with patience adjusted to fit your land mass without the vector rivers problem, it depends whether this can generate a sufficiently high resolution for your needs.
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