Dogtag's Video Tutorials

DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
I've created a couple of video tutorials now, so I thought it might be a good idea to list them in one topic where they can be easy to find. This way, if I make more then I can just edit this topic and add a new link. Monsen has kindly added a link to this page, along with other, similar links, in the Resources sticky topic, near the top of the forum discussions list.

The videos are MP4 format video files and they should stream to most modern browsers and to mobile devices. I hope you find them useful. They're not in any particular order or organized around any particular topic.
  • Trace Command
    Explains how to use the TRACE command to draw an entity, such as terrain, so that it precisely follows the edge of another entity, such as a coastline.
  • Shaded Polygon (Angle by Edge) Command
    Explains how to turn a normal polygon into a shaded polygon that reacts to the Global Sun. As a bonus, this command will also automatically rotate the polygon's bitmap fill so the bottom of the fill aligns with the edge of the polygon that you click.
  • Edit Command (for Drawing Tools)
    Explains how to use the Edit command, when using a drawing tool, to edit an existing entity without having to redraw it, place new entities on top of it, or spend hours using NODE EDIT. Also, see some additional notes on this command in this discussion.
  • Creating a Wall Mask (with SS4)
    Explains how to use the drawing tools and sheets provided in Symbol Set 4 to create a wall mask. Wall masks hide the effects on the outside of your dungeon walls, such as shadows and glows, so everything is contained inside the dungeon. The mask described in this tutorial is based on the one in the SS4 Mapping Guide. It hides everything outside the walls as well as the outer half of the wall. The result gives the illusion that your dungeon (or cave) is carved out of the background, giving it a sunken, below-ground look.


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