Graves & Tombs

I'm struggling to represent a graveyard in a city. What I'd really like is to have a number of burial mounds that are shaded rather like the house roofs to take the direction from the sun with perhaps a small shadow. Also burial pits (as yet unfilled) with internal shawdowing from the sun direction. I couldn't find these in my cities graphics but, to be honest, with the wealth of features I might well have missed them.

I someone could point me in the right direction or, failing that, give some tips on how to reproduce the roof shading...?

Bill H


  • My best suggestion (and I don't know if this will work) is to try playing around with the lighted bevel and directional wall shadow sheet effects. The lighted bevel should have a result akin to what you're after, if you use the option for a smooth bevel rather than an angled one (assuming these burial mounds are round-ended cylinders in shape) you ought to be able to get it to look about right, and the lighted bevel does refer to the global sun direction. Similarly, directional wall shadows should do what you're after, since they rely on global sun direction as well. If you're looking to do tombs as very small freestanding buildings, I'd suggest there you may want to look at simply doing them as houses, using the basic CD3 house drawing tool and deciding the sort of roof you want, then using an appropriate color or bitmap to represent stone. Or shingles, if you want to get fancy.
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