Trying To Fix Corners, Make One-Sided Bevels

I'm currently working on a floorplan project, and in the process of working on it I was reminded of one issue and faced with another one.

The first has to do with the joining of walls. This particular map involves a lot of acute angles, and to that end I've really begun to notice that CC3 does not always join walls and/or roads smoothly. While mid-line perpendicular connections tend to join without issues, L-shaped joins or any other sharper connection seems to routinely result in missing pieces, usually a V shape from the outside corner. At times I've also gotten two corners missing, the outermost and innermost at the join. I've tried searching the help for information but this does not appear to be of any real use, and the trick offered up in the DD3 videos for joining walls (hitting the 'c' key before connecting two wall sections together) doesn't appear to do anything different. Even if I attempt to do this with a single line, I still tend to end up with some dissonance at the point of connection- even two lines that meet at their ends (i.e., like this: --) seem to have issues with one appearing thicker than the other despite being a single, continuous wall. Is there a trick to getting your walls and corners to match up smoothly?

The second is mostly a question with regards to the Bevel and Lighted Bevel options. My current project is a star fortress, as in the 15th century style fortification with angled, sloped walls. To that end, I'm looking at a general layout with very thick, heavily sloped (as in twenty feet or more) walls around the outside edges. To that end, I'd like to be able to add a bevel to represent this- particularly a lighted bevel which would allow me to get the perspective right on the shadows and shading and so forth. However, I don't think the standard Bevel sheet effect allows for one-sided beveling, nor does the Lighted bevel. So is there a particular way to achieve this, or should I just try to make use of directional wall shadows and leave the bevel to something else?
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