Shadowrun Annual?


I use CC3 since years for fantasy rpg maps (overland, cities & dungeons).

There are a lot of annuals to generate maps for different rpg systems and setting.
You find stuff for cthulu, victorian age, steampunk and a lot more.

Now I play shadowrun and miss a good annuals for a 2070 dark future Setting.

Most annuals can not be used due to missing modern symbols.#

I own SS3 but the style is very colorful and does not realy fit to dark future.

So maybe you could think about some modern stuff for one or two annuals.

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  • I will second this request.

    If it is too much for an annual, a cyberpunk symbol set for DD3 would be fantastic.
  • I love that idea, maybe some military stuff too like craters and such.
    Space Station Style sounds cool as well. :-)
  • Jay_NOLAJay_NOLA Traveler
    A good cyberpunk style to do things like offices, labs, shops (weapons & armor, groceries, tech, cybernetics), some futuristic vehicles.

    I have a couple of maps for the Kuro RPG that are right now just rough sketches or I had to do with the modern symbol set that I'd love to have a good cyberpunk interior style for.

    Another Annual idea or future symbol set I'd like is one to do Asian (Japanese & Chinese) interiors too.
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    Posted By: Jay_NOLAAnother Annual idea or future symbol set I'd like is one to do Asian (Japanese & Chinese) interiors too.
    I 2nd that one!

    The more cultural specific stuff the better - Aztec City Map - as an example. :-)
  • My son's actually running a modern day Buffyverse game with vampires and demon any of the annuals cover this?
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  • RobakRobak Newcomer
    I am still game master of a shadowrun campaign.
    Official Shadowrun publcations are still lacking usefull maps.
    So I ofen have to generate Maps for Shadowrun.

    And CC3+ is stil not providing any Annual for duing Shadowrun Maps.

    CC3+ annuals are providing a huge amount of annuals for fantasy settings.

    So may I ask YOU:

    Why just fantasy?

    Ok I understand that most RPG is fantasy.
    But your annuals provide so much stuff for fantasy that everybody who wants do draw 'Dungeons', 'Maps' or 'Villages' is able to finde a lot of oportunities in the annual.

    Why nothing for Shadowrun?

    The bitmaps of your 'modern' Symbol Set are also not 'modern' I assume the age of the bitmaps is 20 years and the cars look like a historical car selection associated with late 20th century.

    I do not expect a Shadowrun Symbol Set but you make 12 annuals per year.
    So you have 12 times per year the option to say 'YES to Shadowrun' but you always say 'NO'.

    When will you provice a bitmap for a car that look like 21 century?

    I am a bit disapointed about your mapping tool that only offers possibilities to draw maps for my Pathfinder campaign and not for Shadowrun.
    But for Pathfinder I do not need any map because Pathfinder procucts come with all needed maps.
    In contrast Shadowrun publication usually come with either no maps or with maps that arn't sufficient for the scene.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 26 images Cartographer ProFantasy
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    I can only speak for myself as an occasional individual freelance contributor, but in my case alone it is because I have no idea what would constitute such a style.

    Are there any good examples at all out there that you could link us to so that I can at least say whether I think I could draw it?

    An actual example (an image or images) might also help anyone on the PF team (I'm not part of PF) see clearly what is wanted, and decide if commissioning similar artwork would be a worthwhile project :)
  • Sue, Shadowrun (Wikipedia link) is a long established role-playing game (first published in 1989) set in a dystopic future Earth. You can get some idea of what's considered suitable as mapping options from this quick-search page for Shadowrun Maps & Game Aids on the DriveThru RPG website (actually two pages of entries, and you'd have to check each item to see more details, however).

    For Robak, have you tried using some of the map icon packs from Inkwell Ideas (also on DTRPG)? These come as transparent-background PNGs, so you can easily convert them into CC3+ map symbols for use in your mapping projects. If not, maybe the Post Apocalyptic City set might be worth investigating as a starting place (also maybe to help Sue!)?

    It's certainly curious that there isn't anything like this in the CC3+ product range already, given the range of post-apocalyptic settings long available for the RPG community.
  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 26 images Cartographer ProFantasy
    LOL! thanks Wyvern :)

    You know me - I'm a writer and painter, not a gamer.

    I will have a look at that now that I'm a bit tired of recreating all the worlds I forgot to bring across from the dead laptop to the new pc.
  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 26 images Cartographer ProFantasy
    It looks to me like there's already plenty on DriveThru for anyone wanting to map in that style.
  • I think one of the things that might help... is if there was a 'modern' symbol set for CD3. With modern looking houses and buildings made of brick, stone and wood. with modern looking street drawing tool, and a sidewalk drawing tool. Modern looking street lamp symbols, train tracks and trains.

    Or futuristic type buildings made of steel and glass, with symbols or drawing tools made to look like monorails. And effects to make them look dirty, grungy.

    There are so many rpg's out there that are set in the modern, or futuristic era... like Mech Warrior, Cyberpunk, Scion, Werewolf, Vampire, Buffy, Star Trek and Shadowrun, and that's just to name a few. Then there's Call of Cthulu, which can be set in any era.

    Iso symbols for CC3+ would be great too.

    As much as I love D&D, and making maps for D&D campaigns, my gaming group runs a lot of different games, including Star Trek, Mech Warrior, Scion and Werewolf, and it would be nice to be able to make maps for some of those adventures, too.
  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 26 images Cartographer ProFantasy
    That's actually quite a vast project to undertake, whoever does it, since the average CD3 set has about 50(?) buildings in it, and I don't think that would be enough to populate all the different kinds of areas you get in a modern city.

    It would take too long for me to make a realistic offering, bearing in mind that I'm in the middle of preparing all the artwork for my Patreon launch.
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  • Consider monochrome and ultrasimplistic.

    I don't get to play that much Shadowrun myself since my VTT of choice doesn't come with a 3e ruleset (my SR edition of choice/investment). But I always figured that fancy blueprint/HUD-like maps could work to great effect.
  • taustinoctaustinoc Traveler
    There is an entire product line of floor plans on DriveThruRPG from a company called Shadowplan done that way, specifically for Shadowrun type games.
  • <blockquote><cite>Posted By: taustinoc</cite>There is an entire product line of floor plans on DriveThruRPG from a company called Shadowplan done that way, specifically for Shadowrun type games.</blockquote>

    Yup, that was the source of inspiration for me, with the XXXX Floorplan/Dracula Dossier simply providing the how-to.
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  • JNefzenJNefzen Newcomer

    Hi! How to do this style?

    I'd really appreciate to know.

  • Well, @JNefzen, it really is quite simple:

    Your background is going to be a polygon of the square variety, of the colour of your liking. Here it's the darker end of the turqoise spectrum.

    Then add grid of the required dimension, with sheet effects BLUR and GLOW.

    For structures, then, it's simply a matter of using GLOW and possibly BLUR sheet effects. It's all drawn using simple line tools of varying width and a colour - preferably brighter, I guess, than the background.

    BLUR will give lines softer edges and GLOW, of course, will provide that sense of leaking light/terminal screen extravaganza

    So that would be

    1. Polygon
    2. Lines
    3. BLUR/GLOW-combo
    4. Qapla'
  • pvernonpvernon 🖼️ 34 images Traveler Betatester

    See my gallery on "The Newcastle - a study in Map Styles"

  • Not that it's an area I'm particularly interested in, but could you not use some of the Cosmographer annuals fills and symbols and some Vinytri stuff to make these kinds of maps?

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  • JulianDracosJulianDracos Surveyor
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    I think that if one uses the modern symbol pack and Cosmographer 3, then you can probably cobble together something good enough. However, I think there are strong reasons for Profantasy to develop a near future style of maps. The main one being: there is a strong demand, but no good tools for doing so. While there are competing map programs to CC3, I think these are all fantasy based. By showing that CC3 can do other genres at high quality, it gives CC3 a competitive edge. 

    In addition to Shadowrun, there is Cyberpunk Red. It is likely the #2 selling RPG behind D&D.  There is also Altered Carbon on TV, and an RPG. There is Eclipse Phase and The Expanse RPGs. Cyberpunk Red is hiring cartographers for VTT, so I think that demonstrates not only demand, but that CPR will end up developing a style. 

    While I think a large project could be done on an updated modern/near future set of symbols and city design, I think there is room for smaller projects that could be done in an annual by either @Loopysue or someone else. 

    Cybperunk styles are either minimalist B&W or a mixture of dark(night) and neon lights/colors. 

    Here is what I am thinking could be done:

    Building Interiors (Dungeons)

    Minimalist style where it is more like blueprints. There are already annuals for floorplans of the 1930’s, 1800’s, and Dracula. Something could be done easily enough for a modern look to the floorplans.

    Sample Symbols needed: security cameras, elevator doors, security pad, fuse box, desk, tables, chairs, computer, laptop, cell phone, refrigerator, stove, toilet, bathtub, shower, ceiling fan.

    Style: Either black and white or neon colors. Just like the older floorplan styles already available have a parchment background, this could have a color like Lillhans did, or it could be more of a gray slate, or maybe something to look like a computer screen. White background with black lines could be an option

    City Designer

     City/region design can be easier or harder depending on what is done. 

     Block city design: There is already a 1930’s and Cthulhu City style for this type of map. You would just need to update the color and symbol options. This style has been and continues to be used by both Cyberpunk and Shadowrun. I would recommend we go with the dark background neon color approach. There is also the Watabou Cities that seems to fit this style of map

    The block city approach is what is used in the Cyberpunk RPGs. Since these are copyrighted, I am not permitted to post. However, so a search for Night City 2020 and you should pull up tons of images of the city done in this style if you are not sure what it meant by this approach.



    The Tokyo Map here:


    Modern City done in line art style: We would need roads that are highways as well as skyscrapers, round building, modern buildings, etc. This may require a lot of symbols.

    Realistic Google Earth View: Again this one may be too much work


    These seem harder to do because it would require more art. If you assume that someone has the modern symbol pack, then maybe you could cut done. This would be done in color with objects having details. You would need things like dumpsters, shipping containers, garbage bins, cardboard boxes, tents, trash, new cars/trucks (the 80’s vision of the future), computers, tables, neon lights, etc. 

    Maybe something like:

    I hope this inspires someone at Profantasy to make this happen. I think even doing 1-2 of the easier to do styles would go a long way to meeting demand and attracting new customer.

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