Regional Inland Map: Martell and Surroundings

Hi all,

I made this map after experimenting with an adjusted Herwin Wielink style - less dark, more colorful. This is a central part of my gaming world and I am quite happy with the style.

Hope you like it.


  • Awesome map!

    Question, for the lake in the upper right corner, does the water from the lake drain into the swamp, or does the swamp drain into the lake?


    Charles W. Robinson
  • Nicely done! I want to go to that cave near Trumsberg.
  • This is Awesome!. I've wanted to do something similar but I'm not quite familiar enough with all of the controls of cc3 yet to do it. But you have done a fantastic job here!
  • DogtagDogtag Traveler Moderator, Betatester
    Beautiful! And a particularly nice tweak to the style!

    I'm trying to think of any constructive criticism I could offer but I'm at a loss. Wonderful map.

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    Wow, I love it!

    Been working with the Herwin Wielink style too recently, so it makes me love your map even more. Nice use of the tree symbols there, I thought there wasn't enough variety in them (and I didn't like some of them), but you obviously put them to good use in your map.

    Out of curiosity, how did you do the roads ?
  • wow great map !
    which annual contains this style?

    the road to Burg Emsch seems to disappear before it reaches the castle.
  • Really beautiful map, and I love your use of mountains, something that's been giving me fits. One question: are the tents in the Wielink style supposed to represent fixed villages or temporary camps? ("Ulzen," for example.)
  • I really like this map. Beautifully done.

    My only "criticism" is that the river water looked so dark that at first I confused it with roads. What fonts are you using for this map?
  • I really like the color changes you've made to this style. It look less 'evil' but still dark and 'moody'.

    Did you make the changes using CC3 or did you use outside art software? I've been eyeing up the new CC3+ Blend Mode effects and am wondering if that is what you've used.
  • I really like this map! No criticisms here:)
  • Thx all,

    @Charles, the water is supposed to run from the swamps into the lake in the north.
    @Vastin, it's the Annual from 2012. Thx for the notice about the road, need to rearrange the layer settings.
    @Barliman, they represent permanent villages or hamlets.
    @Dkarr, the font is called "Dwarven Stonecraft" and is free on DaFont and other font sites.
    @Shessar, there is some heavy post editing in Photoshop, but all archivable in CC3 as well.
  • a short question is the annual 2012 cc+ compatible?
  • Great work Grimur! :-)
  • This is fantastic and inspiring. I think I might delve into this style now myself. Great looking map. No criticisms at all. Fantastic!
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