Niflheimr, Sutheimr & The Skjaldborg Eylands


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Far to the Northwest of the Vagothian realms is said to be the mythical lands of Niflheimr. These lands are named after a similar place from their old world. To find it, you must travel over 1,250 leagues heading Northwest from the Skjaldborg Eylands. A little over half way, you will come across the uninhabited island of Thule where your ship will have safe harbor. The waters between Thule and Niflheimr are known for the giant creatures of the deep that travel in great schools. It is said that Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent, loves to hunt these beasts and causes great storms.

Niflheimr is a realm of primordial ice and cold and has born to the world many terrible things. There are 12 rivers, much like the place of legend from Vagoth's mythology, but a single spring is not the source of these, nor is there a great tree. These rivers are known as: Elivagar, Svol, Gunnthra, Fjorm, Fimbulthul, Slidr, Hrid, Sylgr, Ylgr, Vid, Leiptr, and Gjoll. This is a barren place, with no forests and little vegetation. The animals that do live here mostly dwell along the coast or within the sea. It is also believed that after the end of the Faith Wars, many powerful creatures and lesser gods may have fled to the mountains of Niflheimr.

A black dragon stalks these lands and is known as Nithhoggr, the Malice Striker! He lives in the mountain named Nithofjoll and guards the halls of Nastrond. Nastrond means the Corpse Coast, and it is believed that those who were murders, adulterers, and all who have had died of disease or old age dwell here and serve the Goddess Hel. These are the shores of the undead. They do not feel the cold, they never tire, and one day, they will march against Odin.

From Vagothian Lore:

"From below the dragon dark comes forth, Nithhoggr flying from Nithofjoll. The bodies of men on his wings he bears, the serpent bright. But now must I sink."

"A hall I saw, far from the sun. On Nastrond it stands, and the doors face north. Venom drops through the smoke-vent down, for around the walls do serpents wind. I there saw wading through rivers wild treacherous men and murderers too, and workers of ill with the wives of men. There Nithhoggr sucked the blood of the slain and the wolf tore men; would you know yet more?"

According to legend, Hel's abode is far to the northwest through many valleys and passes. A great city of many mansions sits before the caverns of Niflhel. It is guarded by the Modgudr, the Furious Battlers, a army of frost giants led by Helreginn, the frost giant queen. There are three gates. To the west is Valgrind the Carrion Gate. To the south is Helgrind the Hel Gate. And, to the east is Nagrind the Corpse Gate. On the Northern side of the city, a great abyss known as the Fallandaforad sits at the threshold of the Gates of Niflhel. Within the mountain is the great hall of Eljudnir as well as the caverns of Niflhel beneath.

Hel lives in Eljudnir. Her bed is call Kor the sick bed, and the bed curtains are called Blikjandabol the gleaming disasters. A small table sits within the bedchamber. On it is the dish called Hunger and the knife known as Famine. Two undead servants tend Hel's needs, Ganglati & Ganglot. The guardian hound Garmir lays at the foot of her bed. Hel leans on a staff, and like all Vagothian Gods, is girthed with a blade. Half her body is beautiful, alive, and full of color; while the other half is undead, deformed, and pale blue. Hel, the daughter of Loki, is a dread thing indeed.

The Vagothians can tell me many things about Niflheimr, they know the stories well, but I have yet to meet anyone that has actually been there or who were willing to go there. Even though it is on many maps, I am not sure that it truly exists. Someday, I will have to find the truth of Niflheimr.


The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.


  • Great map! The ice looks good!
    I like your "winter" overland map!

    I would like to get to know more over your world :)
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    The Coming of the Grigori,

    It is believed, that the Grigori were the first to arrive in Kelleemah.
    Whispered rumors say that they once rebelled against their "Hidden God" that they do not name.
    They were smote down at the battle of Dudael and were banished here.
    Most of the Grigori repented and chose to serve their god once again, while a small band still refused.
    Three times the repented have saved this world from the invading Shedim.
    The fierce Lords of War; Danel (God has Judged), Kokabiel (The Star of God), and Shamsiel (The Sun of God); ended the Faith Wars.
    It is these fire eyed angelic beings that grace most of our maps.
    They are symbols of goodness, bravery, and redemption.
    A reminder, that both the immortals and the mortalkind are trapped here together.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
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    The Vagothian Kingdoms,

    The Vagothians form small kingdoms along the coasts of Sutheimr and portions of the Sellevolk, Beorgumende, the Skaldborg Eylands, and Northern Brython. It is the kingdom of Vagoth that these explorers, settlers, and raiders have taken their name from. For those are the lands that they first saw upon their arrival during the 3rd Shedim War almost 1,200 years ago.


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    The current king of Vagoth is Hilmr Haldordr. Two great nobles have sworn allegiance to him; Jarl Nordbjorn and Jarl Vakauder, along with many lesser nobles and freeborn. In total, this small kingdom has a population of 2,987 souls - Per the King's records - and a Fylking of 995 warriors.
    Hilmr Haldordr personally holds sway over his own lands while his other two great nobles control their own lands, but they owe allegiance and friendship to Hilmr Haldordr. Most of the Vagothian kingdoms are arranged such as this with a king and great nobles sharing power. Some even elect their own kings. Hilmr Haldordr's personal lands hold 1,128 souls and a Fylking of 376 warriors. Of the three, he has the largest population and Fylking. Hilmr Haldordr is well respected by all of the Vagoth and is well known for his truthfulness and honor.

    Hilmr Haldordr's stronghold is known as Heimstod. His lands are also known for the religious sanctuary at Horgrvatn, one of the holiest sites within the collective realms of the Vagoth. Many visit this site to bathe in the lake's cold waters. The island of Godrtun also belongs to his lands.

    The lands of Jarl Nordbjorn are to the north. His lands consist of 852 souls and a Fylking of 284 warriors. Jarl Nordbjorn is an old but well respected warrior who is famous for killing one of the great white bears of the north in single combat. Its great hide adorns his throne in his stronghold of Risna. He is also known for his great hospitality and good nature. His small realm is mostly known for the wide valley that is filled with the Veidrmadr Holt - The Huntsman's Woods. The Island of Nordriey also belongs to his lands.

    The lands of Jarl Vakaudr are to the south. His lands consist of 1,007 souls and a Fylking of 335 warriors. Jarl Vakaudr is a master ship builder and many nobles come from throughout the many Vagothian kingdoms to bargain for his ship building skills. He loves the sea and still goes raiding with his nobles or even the nobles of other lands - with Hilmr Haldordr's blessing of course. His stronghold is known as Langskip. The Islands of Markey & Hoftun also belong to his lands. Markey is uninhabited and the Hoftun is populated by a Godi farmstead – a priestly abode.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
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    Vangar is east of Vagoth and south of Batiskakna and Allhardrland. East of Vangar is Hardrada. It is ruled by Hilmr Vapnauthigr. The nobles Jarl Brjotaurthr, Jarl Eyskjald, and Jarl Harrgrimmrr have sworn allegiance to him. There are 9,236 souls and a combined fylking of 3,078 warriors in Vangar. As a Vagothian Kingdom, Hilmr Vapnauthigr in turn swears allegiance to the Vagothian Crown. This is more of a ceremonial allegiance as each kingdom rules itself. But Hilmr Haldordr’s reputation is such, that few would dishonor a request from him. Indeed, many nobles have come to Heimstod’s great hall for the arbitration of disagreements. Vangar’s realm consists of two valleys and four islands.

    Hilmr Vapnauthigr’s personal realm is the valley and coast of Batiskakna. This realm was hard won. Indeed, they only came at the behest of the Dwarven King Mac Mirza who had sent a courier through secret tunnels into the lands of the Vagoth. Vagoth was paid well to lift the siege of Batiskakna by the Vigaferli. In addition to a great sum of gold and silver, King Mac Mirza gave them the two valleys and the four islands that now make up Vangar. King Mac Mirza still pays a yearly sum in support of Vangar’s vigilance against the return of the Vigaferli.

    Hilmr Vapnauthigr’s stronghold is called Heillbygth. His subjects consist of 2,856 souls and a fylking of 952 warriors. He has reaped great rewards in both tribute and trade with Batiskakna. He uses his wealth like a weapon though. He buys influence among the various nobles within the Vagothian kingdoms and is rumored to have even paid for the murder of his enemies. His chief rivals in trade is the Dwarven trading house of Sawdauy and the independent Vagothian city of Smithrfjord. He seldom leaves his stronghold except to visit Batiskakna, which he does frequently.

    Jarl Brjotaurthr’s realm consists of 2,826 souls with a fylking of 942 warriors. His lands consist of the lower Allhardrland’s coastal valley. He does not have much love or respect for Hilmr Vapnauthigr, but as long has he gets the gold and silver he needs to defend his realm, he will stay loyal to him. Since Vagothian tribes have settled in this land, the Vigaferli have been their enemies. The Vigaferli tend to come during the harshest parts of winter, raiding and dragging away prisoners. After such raids, human bones have been found in the woods with clear signs that they had been gnawed upon. Most of his settlements have been attacked and are heavily fortified. Only those closest to his stronghold have not been attacked so far. Two strongholds stand guard along the valleys river at his realms most northern point, Sigrborg and Vaskrborg. The valley has been well named, for Allhardrland means, a most violent land.

    Jarl Brotaurthr’s stronghold is called Drengrhamr. Jarl Brotaurthr has lived a warrior’s life fighting the Vigaferli. He killed his first one when he was only 15 years of age trying to save his family during a raid. He lost an eye that day and still carries the burns and scars upon his body. He has personally lead men into the Allhardrland on patrols many times and is well respected among both his people and fellow nobles. Many whisper that he should be the Hilmr, but he has no use for power over men. He only wants to protect his people.

    The strongholds of Sigrborg & Vaskrborg guard the northern border of Vangar. Although they have fought off many large attacks. Small bands of Vigaferli slip through the hills and dark forests to raid the settlements of Vangar. Patrols are sent out on a regular basis to find and ambush small groups of Vigaferli. But the Vigaferli are very strong and swift and some patrols have simply disappeared. These strongholds are not manned by just any warriors though. Within these strongholds dwell the Ulfhethnar, Odin’s wolf warriors, who goes through the hamask and changes form into the berserkir.

    Jarl Eyskjald’s realm consists of the Island of Promr and has 1,060 souls and a fylking of 353 warriors. His long ships carry a third of the trade goods from Batiskakna to the kingdoms of Vagoth, the Skjaldborg Eylands, and even to the northern settlements of Brython. Jarl Harrgrimmrr carries the rest. This is a dangerous business as the Goddess Ran delights in drowning sailors and then casting out her nets to collect the dead. In addition, there are many pirates in these waters such as fellow Vogathians, Gotarans, Oghami, Villieldr, and the fierce Minotaur of the Hiberian island chain.

    Jarl Eyskjald’s stronghold is known as Oting. A born sailor, he is tall, strong, well groomed, and bathes every seven days when he is not at sea. Many see him as being rather vain even for Vagothians who take great pride in their appearance and how they are viewed by others.

    Jarl Harrgrimmrr’s realm consists of the Islands of Bygthtun, Landoudoney, and Videy. He rules over 2,494 souls and has a fylking of 831 warriors. His long ships carry two thirds of the trade goods from Batiskakna to the kingdoms of Hardrada and the northern coast of Beorgumende. This route is less dangerous than that of Jarl Eyskjald since the islands shield the coastal waters from the worst of the storms that come out of the northwest. Jarl Harrgrimmrr still has to contend with the pirates; especially since they are more likely to sail the calmer waters of the coast.

    Bygthtun is a small island with only two fishing villages on it. Their fishing boats often help foreign traders with deep draft vessels who run onto the shallow reefs. Landoudoney is uninhabited and all are forbidden to go there. Once, when the Vagothians first settled these lands, a small fishing village was established here. Soon, the people became very ill. Healers were sent but they became ill as well. Those that returned to Videy in turn brought the foul plague with them. None were allowed to leave either Landoudoney or Videy for a month. When healers returned to Videy, they found that all had died. Videy was resettled, but nobody has ever returned to Landaudoney for fear of the plague.

    Videy is the main island of Jarl Harrgrimmrr’s realm. The settlers here have done well since the plague. It is also the home to Jarl Harrgrimmr’s stronghold. The island is so close to Sutheimr that a bridge spans the 2 miles gap to connect the island to the coast. There are strongholds on either side of the bridge. These strongholds are to both protect Videy from Vigaferli invaders and to protect Vangar from the return of the plague. Jarl Harrgrimmrr’s stronghold is called Gambrivi. Jarl Harrgrimmrr is a grumpy old man who seldom leaves his stronghold. He clings to the old ways of the vikingr when you took what you wanted. This business of trade settles poorly with his honor and he leaves these tiresome tasks to his sons. The bridge connecting Videy to the coast is the only one of its kind known to exist in the world of Kelleemah. Many visit this bridge to simply marvel at it. The bridge is named Bruhaf. The stronghold of Eyborg sets on the island side while the stronghold of Bruborg lays on the coastal side.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
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    Batiskakna & Allhardrland,

    This region is east of Vagoth and north of Vangar. These two lands could not be farther apart culturally. Batiskakna is the home of Vagothian allies, the Dwarven folk known as the Sellevolk. Allhardrland is the homeland of the Vigaferli - the man slaughterers.


    The upper valley is home to a Dwarven colony. They belong to the clans of the Sellevolk who dwell in the Northern Meginland south of Sutheimr. It is not known if they are actually connected to the surviving colonies in Sutheimr through underground passages or not. The mountain city of the Dwarves is named Batiskakna - the Western Gate. It is ruled by King Mac Mirza. Many Vagothian Kings and Jarls have visited the great city of the dwarves. Mac Mirza is known for his great feasts and the magical goblet made of gold that is never empty of Dwarven ale.

    There is a great amount of trade between the dwarves and the Vagothian Kingdoms and the Dwarves are staunch allies of the Vagothians. Indeed, a small contingent of Vangarians serve as part of the defense of Batiskakna. The strength of the Dwarf host is unknown, but all of the reports record a large underground city where not a single Dwarf goes unarmed.

    Jarl Dvegrvinatta and his people have sworn an oath of fealty to King Mac Mirza. His people dwell within two fortified settlements on either side of the valley’s river. He has added many Vangarian mercenaries to his fylking, for the dwarves pay very well; 308 souls inhabit these two settlements with 158 being warriors. Each of his warriors are armored in the Dwarven style and are armed with a hand axe, short sword, and a Dwarven style two handed battle axe. Dwarven watch towers flank the settlements on either side. Jarl Dvegrvinatta has made a lot of money as the intermediary of goods between Batiskakna and the rest of the Vagothian Kingdoms. His strongholds and fylking is collectively known as the Vangarsaqsi, the Vangarian Guard.


    The Allhardrland is a most dangerous place indeed for the Vigaferli are large in number and hunt within these valleys. The Kaldrkjarr is also known for trolls which the Vigaferli avoid. The Vigaferli are known by the Dwarves as the Atlern. No man or dwarf has ever stepped foot into the caverns of the Vikgaferli. But the dwarves monitor entrances from secret lookouts in the mountains above. Hand built caverns line both sides of this small valley; each built by the Vigaferli. Nobody knows why they are massing here, for they usually dwell in small isolated villages throughout Sutheimr. They have been slowly building up over the last 100 years or so. The Vigaferli are an old race and have been here longer than any of the fairy folk. And the fairy folk have been here since the 2nd Shedim War; 1,700 years ago.

    Many brave souls have traveled into the Allhardrland seeking adventure, and most never return. But those that have, tell of the Kalladalr. It too, is inhabited by the Vigaferli; but in smaller numbers. Usually, the Vigaferli move silently and attack with surprise while leaving no sign of their passage in the snow. But within the far northern valley of Kalladalr, they move more openly and often call out to each other. The sound travels over a great distance. The Vigaferli are fierce horned beasts that are as powerful as five warriors; their call should instill dread. But, those who have returned from the Kalladalr speak well of this place. As dangerous as it is, the varying tones of their calls echoing across the valley are described as haunting, but beautiful.

    The Kaldrkjarr is the only place within the Allhardrland were no Vigaferli go. For trolls love the cold swamps of Sutheimr. As such, fairy folk and men tend to avoid it as well. Unless of course, the Vigaferli have their scent; then it is a haven of sorts.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
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    The Elven Isle of Perinusa,

    It is the largest concentration of elves within the northwestern realms. It is located in the island chain known as the Skjaldborg Eylands. All of the fey are known as the Alfr by the human kind of this region. And the elves of this region in particular are called by the name, Ljosalfr - the Light Elves. Many of the humans also refer to Perinusa as Alfheimr. Many smaller enclaves exist within Sutheimr and northern Beorgumende as well. Perinusa has three large settlements and several small villages that dot the coastline. There are two towns with Lautan being on the western side and Pantai being on the northern side. The capital is Pengailan and is on the eastern side of the island. The ruler of Perinusa is known as Volund Besarmalik. It is said that a shrine to the White Elves, the 13 Lords of the Elvinkind, is located in the hills behind Pengailan. These ancient lords are worshipped like gods; with each being over a 1,000 years old.

    Note: I feel even older than that and wish no worship - The Father.

    I am not sure of their strength in arms, but their skills in archery are well known. They are also fond of long swords and wear leather armor. Sometimes, they also use two short swords at the same time, both with equal skill. Elves have always been known for their magical nature. The elves of Perinusa use magic to protect their island nation against storms and raiders alike. That is why none of the Elvin settlements have the need for walls to protect them. They are more advanced than the humankind in this region with better dwellings and have roads connecting their island settlements and bridges for crossing the rivers. The elves of Sutheimr and northern Beogrmende though live much like the humans in these regions. They have no roads, and their settlements are said to be hidden within the trees. They are known by mankind as the Huldafolk - the hidden ones. The elves of Sutheimr and northern Beogrmende travel back and forth to Perinusa. Volund Besarmalik is the high ruler of the elves in this region.

    The Elves of Perinusa are slightly shorter than humans, have long blond hair, and pale skin. They dress in woodland and earthy colors and are great seaman. They are especially known for their ability to move both unseen and unheard. They are fair and honest folk who trade with many of the northwestern realms, but keep to themselves. They never speak elvish around humans but know many languages. They are a quite people, reserved, and easy to offend. One must approach them with respect. They hold true to the taboo of mixing races. You will find very few half elves here, and those you do will always be living among mankind.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
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    This is the volcanic island of Dauksunyi - the Gray Silence.

    Words often have several meanings and this name is no different. It also means desolate or empty, and it fits this place well. For nothing has been seen living on this island larger than an insect. Indeed, not even birds will live in this place. It nominally belongs to the elves of Perinusa, but no elves inhabit this island. All who have tried to explore this place have never returned. And, from time to time a ship is found in the bay by elven sea patrols. The ships are always found empty and the elves will not board them. They are set on fire and burned. There are rough rock markers found along the coast in several places, but no writings have ever been found at these sites; although skulls and bones have. Something hidden lives here, but none are to eager to find out what.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
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    The Shrouded Isle!

    The Shrouded Isle is situated in the middle of the Sea of Sheol.

    Sheol is the name given to this area by the Grigori when these lands were sunk beneath the waves by Mephistopheles as the Shedim fled at the end of the last demonic war.
    His legions still guard the Hellgate on Kelleemah's most southern Isle.
    Tens of thousands lost their lives that day as the crippled Asmodai led his armies back to the infernal realms.
    This is what created the Shattered Isles that run along the rim of the Sea of Sheol and decimated the Fey of Kelleemah.

    Although there are many dangerous and magical places within Kelleemah, the Shrouded Isle has become legendary.
    It is far from any other land and has a reputation for oddity.
    Many have gone there looking for treasure, fame, or just to satisfy their curiosity.
    Few have returned.

    What they report is strange indeed.
    The isle is covered by a perpetual mist that burns and irritates the lungs.
    Ships often find themselves assailed by strong storms that whip up without warning, waterspouts with clear skies, sudden whirlpools, and more.

    The famous explorer, Captain Shantay, once led a fleet of six ships to the isle.
    As he came within site of the isle he turned back to his second in command to give him orders, but was speachless.
    Even though it was a clear day, none of his five ships, which were there but moments before, where within site.
    They had simply disappeared and were never heard from again.
    His crew refused to go any further and he was forced to turn back.

    Some have been to the island and made it back to civilization.
    These few have given us some idea of what is upon the island.
    One talked of a great volcano on its northern side.
    Another talked of dangerous sandbars, coral reefs, and rocks that make it dangerous to approach the coast.
    A glowing ghostly green ship has often been spotted, but all have fled in dread.
    Sea serpents have been seen along its coasts and a swamp on one side has been reported to be full of decaying corpses.
    Along the western side there is said to be the ruins of an ancient city, but all who have been there have aged soon after leaving the ruins, becoming old men in mere hours.
    The jungles are dense and full of life.
    The noise from the creatures there often become deafening.
    Nobody has ever came back, that has tried to spend a night on those shores.

    The Shrouded Isle is covered by more than just a mist, it is covered in mystery!


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
  • Vastin,

    I hope that you enjoyed the short tour - come again! ;-)
  • Great maps and interessting stories :)
    Much work spend on drawing and writting!
    I like it!
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  • wow!!! Charles, this is the first time I have actually seen all of the maps and write ups in one place! I've had people telling me I was overthinking Larysia too much... but after seeing what you have here... I'm thinking I'm not being detailed enough! Absolutely wonderful job! I especially LOVE seeing all of the Shrouded Isle *wink*. Truly inspiring!
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  • Hey, Charles, I could seriously use your help. As you know, I'm using g Schley's style for my Aeterna map, and I'm now working on my finishing touches. My shoreline seems to be giving me no end of frustration. I'm trying g to give my shoreline some depth, but I'm used to working with the standard cc3+ template. The effects that work with it doesn't look right with Schley's style.

    I like what you did with your coastlines. Can you tell me how you did it? I'm hoping to get a little inspiration here.
  • I will try to get back with you LadieStorm later today.

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  • LadieStorm,

    Here is the tutorial you requested.

    I also loaded it up on the Robinson Tutorials post with the rest.
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    I have been real busy this summer with college. I will finish off my MBA this fall. My research paper for the Marketing Chair took forever! It was 378 pages (31,980 words). I am so glad that it is over. LoL!

    I have mostly been working on CA3+ Characters over the summer.

    I have also been experimenting with oceans.

    I was looking for something that would look good regardless of the zoom level.

    In addition, I wanted something that highlights the land, such as islands and coastlines that was not so contrasting.

    The one with the set that I was using created shades that were way too bright.

    You can download the high res versions here:

    This is the best that I have been able to come up with:
  • i like the new coloring of the ocean! Really nice. I am curious how your Shrouded Isle looks with this background.....that is my favorite of all the lands so far :)
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    Your wish is my demand - LoL!

    It does not show up as well because of the mist though.

    Here is the link for the high res version:
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