My First Dungeon WIP

So, I'm using the DD3 essentials as a walk through while I create my first dungeon. This is a single level dungeon that will probably go underneath one of my castle ruins, or maybe one of my coastal city ruins.... I haven't decided. This is just the basic floorplan so far, and is subject to change. Suggestions, comments and ideas are always most welcome!


  • i like the layout, and it's nice to see someone do the tutorial and go intheir own direction with it. i have a tendency to follow the dungeon tutorials pretty close to the provided examples (Ironically, don't do the same with the overland maps, which are all set in my campaign world.)
    i think with the effects on this would be lovely. (i have a tendency to not put in much of furniture except for signifcant objects, statues, altars, pillars and the like)
  • I think this is a fine start to a small, lair-type dungeon. One suggestion: unless you have something else in mind, you need an opening between the circular room (shaft?) and the corridor leading to it.
  • Well, if the secret doors weren't, well, secret... You would see the door there :D
  • Posted By: LadieStormWell, if the secret doors weren't, well, secret... You would see the door there :D
    Failed my Spot hidden roll. :D
  • So I've decided that this dungeon is going under the ruined castle in Andara.... that's the ruined capital City of Ancient Andelar. It's actually the original headquarters for a secret organization in my campaign called the Order of Wand and Scroll.

    It's coming along, but I have run into one small issue.... all those walls in my corridors. I've tried cutting them out, using the cutting tool, but each time I hit the redraw, those walls are back. Suggestions on how to get rid of them?
  • oops, might help if I post the updated map....
  • seycyrusseycyrus Traveler
    Were you not able to put walls on your caverns?
  • that happened to me once. I think it was because i had two walls in one spot (one from the room and another from the corridor before i learned how to place corridors with an open end). If that's the problem a quick fix would be to just click twice when placing the door so it applied to each wall and then open the space to appear like a doorway and not a door on a wall. Try that first before deconstructing anything :)
  • okay, lorelei, you may need to break that down for me.... do what now?
  • So when you place the door symbol on the wall, left click your mouse twice instead of once. Basically, what you are doing is placing the door on the room wall and the corridor wall. Give it a try and let me know if that worked.
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    oh wait....did you want doors? haha. im just assuming that there are doors. if you wanted an "open ended" corridor, that is a whole different story and a bit beyond my abilities to assist in "fixing" this. I think you would have to delete the walls and place them again individually where you wanted them.
  • Place a door to cut the wall, then delete it. Now you have an open corridor or room.
  • okay, that might work... I will give that a try, and yes, for most of my corridors, they are supposed to be open, no doors.
  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
    The Wall Features symbol catalog contains a number of "Cutter" symbols, identified by a scissor icon. These work like doors, only they don't place anything.
  • Actually, Ralf, I've used the cutting tool on each of those unwanted walls 3 separate times. And yes, they cut the wall leaving a white space. I then hit the redraw...and the walls come back. I was going to ask about that, and forgot.
  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
    Post your map and I'll take a look. :)
  • I was working on this map last night, and I finally got the cutting tools to work. What I needed to do was immediately go back and cut them a second or third time. Eventually they stayed gone.

    Another issue cropped up, I will post the fcw tomorrow when I have Internet access again. Actually two issues. One is that I apparently may have some overlapping nodes in my cave area that didn't show up until I manipulated the floors to become walls... Not too happy with it, I may need to rethink that whole thing. In fact, I realized afterwards that what I actually wanted for my cave walls is something Lorelei did in one of her dungeons, I just have to figure out how she did it.

    The second d issue is with the cave terrain fills. I wanted to use a couple of the transparent terrain fills to make my cave ground look more dirty, Sandy. So I erased the little bit I bad in that right hand cavern, and attempted to redraw it covering g most of the floor. I then attempted an inner edge fade to soften it. And it completely disappeared. I figured my edge fade was too strong and tried to change it, but my fill stayed gone. I then turned off sheets and effects completely, but it's still gone.

    So I redrew it, zooming in, then zooming back out. I even went back into the sheets and deleted my edge fade... It each time.e I turned on the sheets, of zoomed back out, my terrain fill disappears. I can't figure out why. Again, I will post the fcw tomorrow.
  • DkarrDkarr Traveler
    Is the border of your cave floor a line width other than 0? If that is the case the fill will "disappear" because the fill is only in that narrow line. Change the line width to 0 and the fill should appear. It is also possible that the floor piece is on a sheet below the one that is visible, so that it becomes obscured/superseded by the higher sheet.
  • Hmmmm... I'll have to check that, I keep forgetting about sheet order.,.
  • Well, I got to thinking last night... and I realized I just wasn't happy with this map, for many reasons. So I went back to the drawingboard, and went with a completely different, though similar design. So here is my new dungeon map, sill a work in progress. I decided to go with the 'trasparent' floor from the beginning, I'm planning on doing something different with the cave walls, and I added more rooms. This is supposed to be the headquarters for a secret the old castle dungeon... so while it is a dungeon, it's not 'supposed' to have a true evil feel to wasn't a torture chamber. It may have a slightly eerie feel to it, and maybe there is a lingering evil there... but if so, that came later, after the original inhabitants were already gone.

    I also made it bigger, and I made the caves bigger as well. I also remembered, after I drew the original dungeon, that there was supposed to be an underground escape route, which I had forgotten about, and didn't leave any room for, so I took that into account as well...
  • So this is the updated version of my Andara Castle dungeon. Now, it doesn't look like a normal dungeon, because this was the headquarters of a secret organization known only by the Andelaran Emperor Nicholai. They are called the Order of Wand and Scroll. They are wizards, scholars, sages, druids, priests and clerics whose sole purpose is the protection of magical knowledge, and the magical protection of Andelar. The Order ultimately failed in their protection of Andelar, although it's rumored they did manage to help members of the royal family escape during the Great Larysian Wars.

    Andara Castle is now in ruins, but somehow the headquarters remains untouched, by the hand of man, or time.

    Im not finished with it yet, but I thought you all might be interested in my progress.
  • Okay guys... Now I need some inspiration.... I have a large, oddly shaped room that I don't quite know what to do with... I have a secret door I need to put in to attach my caverns to the rest of my dungeon, and I kind of need to figure out HOW to attach it, because the fractal drawing tool stopped right before my back wall.

    I know I'm going to have a couple of traps and trap doors in a caved in escape route out of the dungeon.

    The main thing to know is the Order that used this dungeon was a good organization intent on preserving knowledge for future generations, and on prtoecting the land and it's people. So a torture chamber isn't a going to work here :D

    Any ideas?
  • GatharGathar Traveler
    Books, books, more books, clay tabs, parchment rolls, tables dedicated to reading, possibly some water to fight against any potential fire, and at the same time, lots of light to allow reading (maybe some sort of skylight, such as the one in Maybe a clerk with a counter that separates the room between the place to store documents and the place to read then.
  • That's a great idea....which is why I've already did a's to the right of the temple...the square room on the right with the secret door leading to the round room with the magic circle. Which is where rituals take place. I'm not completely finished with that room either, UT I know what I'm doing there.
  • And remember... This dungeon is a thousand years old...there wouldn't be any lighting, except what the players bring with them.
  • The big room could be an classroom for the more expierienced students.

    The dungeon looks good!
  • GatharGathar Traveler
    By lighting, I meant mostly light coming from a hole in the ceiling, although some bronze braziers could still remain too).
    I did not recognize the room on the right, I took it for a dining room (maybe the scale is too small to allow the details to show correctly). And in my opinion, it contains too much working space, and too little storage area. It would be fit for a school, but not for a temple for knowledge preservation. For instance, if you look at, you can see that even if numbers are unknown, we are talking about hundred of thousands scrolls.
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