Underground Caverns

A map i've been working on....The caverns are being used by cultists. They are keeping a dragon in the secret cavern on the left. It is stunted and blinded since it has been in the dark small cave since hatching.

Ive got a bunch of Magmin minis and i've been thinking of how to incorporate them into my campaign as well, so i've come up with this :)


  • DkarrDkarr Traveler
    I like the "mist" effect over the waters. Some of the rock symbols have a weird shadow effect that makes them look like they are floating in the air. You might want to subdue that a bit. Also the shadow on the lower left ledge seems to be going "uphill" giving the ledge a very weird effect.
  • Okay, I have to know how you created those cavern walls! This is stunning!

    I did notice one thing... you have a small treasure chamber at the bottom right... with no way into it. Or did I fail 'detect secret doors' roll? :D
  • follow up question. Your underground river... how in the world did you come up with that variating color effect? and do you have a second underlaying text with a river overlay? how did you do that?
  • Thank You!! The cavern walls are a Glow inner effect and the water is several different sheets, of different colored water in different shapes with varied Edge Inner Fade effects. And yes, the lower "loot" chamber is a secret door. The other chamber had a "magical ward" as a "door"
  • Is it possible to do that effect if the cave is coming off of a structured dungeon?
  • Another beautiful map. This is the kind of map I want to create.
  • thanks Kevbeck43! LadieStorm, im not sure what you mean by "structured"....walls? and yes, i believe so? My dungeon does not have "walls" it is only the floor with an effect that gives it look of having them :) You really have to play around, as it took me many versions of this map until i got the look of the cavern walls. All it is is the "floor" has Glow. I set the set it at a Strength of "1" and a Blur radius of "6" and the color is standard black.
  • lorelei, I know you've seen my dungeon wip... you've commented on it :), I have that small cavern area north east of the 'dungeon proper'. What I am wondering, is if that effect that makes the cavern walls could be done so that the cavern walls kind of spring up out away from the dungeon itself. hmmmmm... I'm having a germ of an idea, may need to work it a bit...

    but as usual, you have some amazing work here!
  • LadieStorm, Im thinking that you may be able to get the effect you are looking for with maybe the Bevel? im not very familiar with what all the effects do other than what I have looked up in the Tome, but it seems that the Bevel might be what you need....futz around with it and let me know how you fared....im curious as well if that can be done :)

    and thanks for the compliments! I've been playing around with CC3 for about 9 months now....im not even remotely as talented as some of these tech phenoms and artists alike, but after all these months of practice, im pretty happy with my maps. At the very least, my players love them, and that's all that matters :)
  • well, if I end up even half as good as you after 9 months.... I will be quite happy!
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