creating zoomable maps version 0.2


I would like to give the version 0.2 of the map-exporting tool to you.
There are several changes implemented in the last days:
- changed from google maps to because it's way easier to use
- changed configuration to xml-files, because so only one config is needed
- ability to add markers to the map

There is a small documentation with some background information at, take a look into this for the longer manual.

Quickstart Manual:
The following files are important
scripts/generate_macro.cmd -> parameters what to export, reads the configuration
scripts/generate_map.cmd -> generates the final images/files, reads the configuration
example_1_easy.xml -> all configuration

The source is available at:

The binary for version 0.2 is available at:

Some livedemos can be found at: Demo

Feel free to ask questions :)



  • That's absolutely amazing, WarEagle! Certainly the best way to make these high-detail maps available on the web I've seen so far. Thanks for including a detailed manual too. Now, I would just need the time for actually drawing maps.
  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
    edited January 2016
    Those look great! Thank you for sharing your technique.
    Posted By: BlindMapmakerNow, I would just need the time for actually drawing maps.

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